how long does it take to get the PR visa

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Subject: how long does it take to get the PR visa
  Dear forum participants,

Can anybody share how long does it normally take for the visa office to issue the permanent resident visa?

I know for sure that the decision on my case is made, the passport and all fees are received. One week ago I got confirmation from the officer that they received my passport and fees and they would issue me visa ASAP.

I need to know the processing time for PR visa because my study permit will expire in 3 weeks and I am worried that I will be left with no status and right to work.

Information on-line about the status of my application has already disappeared and I cannot see what is going with my documents.

Thank you in advance.

Visa release when? (in reply to: how long does it take to get the PR visa)
How Long Will It Take to Get My Visa? Done my medical last oct. 29, 2013 and done paying RPRF, last july 10 until now no news yet. Worried now. Tnx, appreciate your reply... Good day!

Laurie Grace
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