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  my husband hasnt answered his phone for the last two day. Its switched off. He is currently in India. He got his pr last year in february. he went there to visit (very complicated story) i called his mom and she talked to his sister aswell. they told me to call tommorrow, that he was at his uncles watching tv (it was around 8pm there time). I called back in the morning (10am my time) his phone still off. I called his mother again.... no answer. When i called the tenth time, his uncle picked up and said that the phones werent working and that he took this phone. Told me to call back in 1/2 an hour and he´ll give my husband the phone. I called back in 30 mins... and no answer. Then after two calls, the operator said that the ´the person you have called is unavailable" which usually means it is out of range. What´s goin on? I´m soo confused. He was going to book his ticket to come here.
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Are you also of Indian decent.....then you can sort it out using family elders.

Your husband got PR last year, so i assume he did not get married for seeking citizenship.

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This is Mrs.Jyothi. My husband and I would are interested in immigrating to Canada. We have approached world wide immigration services. Is it Ok to go through WWICS? It would be great if you could let us know.

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Hi Jyothi,

Dont go to any of the agents. The guides are always there on the website

Agents are only money eating machines. They will ask you to provide all the required documents and you will be the one who is suffering to get the documents on time. and finally Agent will put them together. I think if you can bring all the papers from the govt. and other institutes in India. I am sure you can put them together. Read the guide and ask the question on this forum whenever you are in doubt. Save your money.

Best Luck,

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