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Subject: tricky situation?? need help!
  Last year in May when I entered Canada from the U.S. I was given a two week visa status. I called CIC and they said all I had to do was send in an application for a visa extension, which I did next day. They sent it back three months later, around August 25th (I can´t find the letter at the moment) and said that I had to send in an extra $125 to restore my temporary resident status within a ninety day period. It literally said ´please send in $125 to restore your visitor´s status within a ninety day period.´ At the time, I thought they meant ninety days from getting that letter, but today I got a rejection letter stating that my application was submitted after the "regulated ninety day period that expired August 27th". So what I´m guessing is that the ninety day period was after I had first submitted the application. So I was somehow supposed to send them $125 dollars within two days?

Anyways, even if that´s a fudge-up on my part, my issue is that I planned on filing for permanent residence with my common law partner. Unfortunately due to me getting sick and having a hospital stay here in Canada, along with her hours at work being cut, our plans to file the application have been pushed back quite a few times due to money. I still want to file for PR and can do it this very instance. I just need to know what the best option here is. I in no way want to be deported, but my girlfriend and I have an apartment, dogs, a life together. I don´t have anything to go back to in the U.S. I´m really at a loss of what to do, especially because I filed and did everything that the CIC asked of me, but apparently it just wasn´t good enough (go figure). I´m afraid that if I leave they´ll give me trouble about coming back in again and deny me entry because I have stayed so long.

What can I do or file to fight this? Should I just send in the application for P.R.? I know that in 2005, applicants without status could still be approved. I don´t want to live in constant fear of deportation but I don´t want to live without my girlfriend either. Please help.

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BTW, if they literally expected me to send in $125 in a day and a half, it would be going to Alberta. You can´t express or ´overnight´ anything from Ontario to Alberta in under two days. So this is physically impossible! Ugh I am so frustrated.
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