Canada is a White Country

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Subject: Canada is a White Country
Wanna be Immigrants and guests:
DO not be misled by the "welcoming attitude Canada is showing you". They know how to put on a facade when needed.
Reality is that they have huge double standards. They deny how racist they are. Their racism is very underlined.

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I agree with you. However, in spite of these facts, I feel that anyone can succeed as there are always opportunities for non-white (foriegners in general). Of course you will definitely won´t be as successful as the white people here who take all the cake but you will be able to have a piece of cake and -at the very least- you will be more successful than your country of origin that you abandoned to move to Canada.

I don´t really compare myself with the white people as I know -deep in my heart- that they have most of the good things (and honestly I don´t argue with this as I feel it is their own country and have been living here for generations ......I consider myself (and they consider me)as a forigner escaping from the "misery" of my own country and coming here hoping for better life. As long as I am able to lead better life than my country, I am very happy and very content. I don´t want all the luxury and high level of jobs that white people enjoy. If I stay in dignity and live happily, that´s enough for me. If I manage to live like them one day, I don´t mind. I understand that whatever I do, I will be "foreigner".."with accent"..."immigrant"..that´s ok with me.

The bottom line -
to be happy in Canada, compare your situation in Canada with your previous one in your miserable country, not with the white people here!! This is just my opinion and I don´t care if others disgaree with me as I am happy with what I´ve already accomplished here.

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Sandungga, I trust you are so offended you are going home? Please?
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Of course it is a white country, at least seasonally. Haven´t you seen all the snow?
doubt about PR (in reply to: Canada is a White Country)
I have a resident visa in Dubai with the profession mentioned as sales,but I am a Physiotherapist and working here as Physio.I have submitted the copy of the resident visa to cic canada for my PR process.will this change in profession in the visa will it be a problem?as I have applied under Physiotherapist skilled worker category.


Canada is a white country (in reply to: Canada is a White Country)
My doctor is East Indian, my lawyer is African American. I was born and live in Toronto and ride the subway daily. White folks are scarce!

There are thousands of Immigrants in Canada who are thrilled to be here and they can become anything they want with the right attitude. Something you clearly do not have.

You found your way here, I am sure you can find your way back where you came from.


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Hey MR MAGOO: In no time I would go back to America If I could. They are racist people but at least you know what to expect. You must be the stereotypical canadian who lives in denial of things and calls "negative" to whatever comment bruise their ego. However, I am not going to argue with a brainwashed individual like you . No country in the world cares too much about Canada anyway. Besides that, I am staying here to remind you that you better treat others with dignity and respect because not all of us are uneducated blind sheeps that buy into your colonial mentality. The fact that your Doctor and your Lawyer belong to a minority groups does not mean that anyone enjoys the same situation.
And I am not sorry to say things the way they are. This is a double standard White Country.

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sounds like Sandungga has one giant chip on his shoulder. No country cares about Canada - should we be horrified by that fact?

Don´t waste your time staying here to remind us how to behave. Go back to America... oh wait... they don´t want you? hmmmmm how about simply going back home where there is no racism at all.

Right attitude in Canada means (in reply to: Canada is a White Country)
Right attitude means:
Never contradict a White person and show them how stupid and dull they can be.
If they are your boss, just pretend to be stupid and do all the tasks they do not want to do and they will love you forever.
Let your boss steal your ideas and take credit for them.
Remember, they are just not white but they are also "canadian" ( which in their heads means that they are the best. They´ve been brainwashed from birth so that´s what they truly believe).
Canadians always point fingers on what America does wrong, but the reality is that they have an inferiority complex as they are not the Super power America is. Thus in this case the right attitude is to say that they are super awesome and USA is a shithole.
They are Democratic but they just barred an American fellow who was going to participate in a peaceful demonstration. However, remeber to downgrade your intelect in cases like this as they will not like to hear straight forward reality.
To wrap it all up rememeber that your attitude should always be happy ( just like at MacDonalds or Starbucks corporations) and put up with their condescending comments and attitudes. Just smile and be happy as you have no right to express your feelings or they will likely tell you that is all in your head.

Hey Sharon (in reply to: Canada is a White Country)
You just needed to say : SPECK ENGLESH.
I knew that you would send me back home but I will do it in the right time. In the mean time be grateful that thanks to my hard work and tax payers money you get the benefits you get. This is what immigrants come to do in this country, so you should be treating them better.