Marriage Annulment and Pr Status

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Subject: Marriage Annulment and Pr Status
  HI I stayed with my wife for a week and i was charged with domestic violence case in which no charges were proven against me.

After a year of separation i have applied for divorce but my wife has asked for annulment of marriage in canada ontario court.

My wife wants to annul the mariage and want me to get deported is it poossible. I am landed immigrant.

Please explain

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One week of marriage bliss and you end up in a serious arguement with your wife!



The fact that the POLICE were called by your wife or a neighbor leads me to believe there is a lot more to this posting then you being the victim and I am a MAN. Wait to the women read this.

Normally in Canada they just tell one partner or the other to leave for a night when it is just an arguement. It is rare unless there is evidence that they charge someone for an arguement. There had to be some evidence to support the allegation, for charges to be laid.

I do believe everyone should be deemed innocent until proven guilty. What gets me is, ONE WEEK!

When you write things everyone will interpret your words differently.

Quote My wife to get deported....UnQuote

This is not an arguement over spilled milk and I can not see in any way that your a victim here. Hope you have a nice flight!


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I sponsored my hubby, he landed and stayed with me for 4 months. We´ve been separated for 7 months now. I know he will try to file for a divorce after 1 year, but I want an annulment as well. Buddy, trust me, your wife/exwife... worked hard to get you into this beautiful country of ours. The least you could have done was stand by her side. How did you manage to have suge a HUGE argument in ONLY 1 WEEK. No offence but seems like you sorta used her to get here. If you cant get along with the lady who is responsible for your ass being in this country than its better for you to go back where you came from. I´m assuming the only reason you came was for your wife and now that things arent working out, WHATS THE BIG DEAL GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY. No sympathy here.
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In light of the fleeting nature of your marriage, you either contrived marriage as a way gettin into Canada or you have such barbaric notions of culture that you couldn´t control the woman and fought her and went to jail. Now the best place for you is back in the country whence you came. Also she has a very good chance of getting the annulment approved (very short marriage ending in violence) and then you WILL be DEPORTED. Take my advice, leave in honor, before you get the removal order from the immigration.
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You guys are great fake judges and How do you know whether the lady asked for money and doing business and threatened him ? How do you know that she did something to frustrate him so much and got into an argument? How do you know that may be there is a kind of dirty business ran by the lady ??? May be the lady could not get what she planned for and that is why she is going to the court to threaten him???? May be he is such a shitty person but wait a minute how do you guys know all these and come here and post ugly posts assuming he is the bad guy ... Without information please do not have opinions... If he did something dirty then he will pay back not you guys....


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JJ stop commenting on your own question. lolz its simple just go back to your own country.
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I am trying to help a friend in crisis here.
A good friend of mine got married overseas over a year aago. About three months ago his wife rec´d PR and came to canada, she cheated on him and run away. Is there a way to deport her and have the marriege annuled as she used him for immigration purposes, He has proof of the wife´s conversation with the lover and some. please help
Thank you,

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he can divorce her but unless they did not have sex, the marriage cannot be voided.

As for deportation, I doubt it.

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I got married again. My spouse is in Singapore. I am sponsoring her to Canada.

But my previous marriage is annuled. In the Sponsorship application, it only says Single/Divorce/Widowed/Separated.

I do not want to Misrepresent. Is checking off Single honest about having Marriage Annuled? Is it correct?

Thank you

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I came to Canada in 2004 as an International student and completed my studies in 2205. In March 2006 I got PR Status under PNP Category of BC. Got married in 2007 in India and sponsored my spouse. How ever, we both were not mutually compatible so we separated in 2009 and divorced in 2010. In May 2010, towards the end of my separation, I got in touch with a girl from India and we keep talking daily for 2-3 hrs over phone. She told me that she is a widow and her husband passed away in 2008. She also told me that she has a son from her previous marriage and her family lives in US.

Everything seemed fine and we both decided to get married. In Jan 2011 I went to India and we got married on Jan. 07, 2011 at India. Our marriage certificate shows her previous civil status as widow and the same has been mentioned on Immigration forms as well. I came back to Canada and sponsored the girl and her her child and they both landed as PR in Canada on June 21, 2011. On Sep.01, 2011 they received their PR Cards and Sep. 04, 2011, while I was at work, they both left home. I came back and found them missing and reported the same to RCMP. Police tracked them and informed me that they are not planning to come back. After this, I reported this case to CBSA Border watch line and obtained a file number. Later on going through her document photo copies, I found out that she was not a widow and was a divorced by her previous husband in 2006 and the previous husband died in 2008. I reported that to CBSA as well. By the end of October, she started contacting me and apologizing for her actions and wanted to come back. After heavy persuasion and involving extended family, I brought them back on Oct 29, 2011. She had started claiming social assistance during that time and was get living allowance only and not the shelter allowance as there was no proof of any kind of abuse. I was not aware of this fact.

On Dec. 14, 2011, she started a verbal argument. As we were talking about it, the child who is 11 yrs of age called 911 and told that I am assaulting them. Police came over and did not find any proof of assault. The did not charge me or arrest me but instead took the girl and child away to a Shelter home. Since then she has never come back. I received a invoice from Revenue Services of BC for $4900 towards her claims of Social Assistance. I had informed the Ministry of Social Assistance that she is working on cash and is capable of doing work but they did not listen to me.

I meanwhile obtained a certified copy of her previous divorce in India and informed CBSA and CIC of the misrepresentation and fraud done with me and CIC but they are not ready to investigate. I have filed a case in India to annul this marriage as the consent to marriage was obtained on fraud.

What are my chances to get out of this mess and pursue CBSA to charge her with misrepresentation? Also can Annulment on this ground lead to deportation?


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It´s hard to trust someone now a days the only thing u can do is to continue following up.I married a man that lied about his nationality , family bck ground kids2 months after obtaining his PR card that´s when I saw a Beast . You are not alone. He threatening to go on assistance . Immigration not doing nothing about