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Subject: Sponsored Spouse - Please help

I got married in Pakistan in April 2009 and then came back to Canada and send sponsorship application in August 2009. The file transferred to CIC Islamabad in Oct 2009. Can I visit my wife in Pakistan during her immigration process? Also I have been advised that it´s taking on average 9 months. Can anybody suggest how long it will take in Islamabad to issue pr visa?

Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.

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Yes, you can visit her in Pakistan during the process. In fact, it is a very good idea to do so, and to stay as long as you can, because you have to prove that you have a genuine marriage. Visit her, get lots of proof of your visit - passport, plane tickets, hotel and restaurant receipts, lots of photos of the two of you looking happy with family, friends, and at scenic spots; maybe some affidavits from family and friends that state the two of you are a couple.
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hey need consultion, i married someone in relative she resides in canada toronot past 14 years marriage held on 15-nov-2008 my wife stayed with me till 02-mar-2009 she sponsered me my application approved at canada and forwarded my application to islamabad for further processing islamabad has started processing on 11-june-2009 time average maximum told 9 months anybody shed light on this please if so worry
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I would like to know as from when exactly the processing times for visa issue takes effect.
i have submitted my application on may 2009 and my wife received a letter from islamabad on july that mentioned they have started the process and indicates it will take 9 month.
So i am wondering if any one have the same situation and get wife visa from islamabad or not and usually how long it take ?

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