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Subject: what does revision mean?
  i applied for permanent residence for my husband and his file was recieved and began processing since july8 2009. The letter i recieved said it will take an average of 6 months to complete processsing. Its been 7 months and going into 8 and i have not revieved any status updates at all. The letter stated to contact the office if i didnt receive anything in 6 months. When i emailed them last month i got a reply saying the file is waiting for revision that was 1 month ago since then and still no word. Anyone lnow what revision eans and if anyone else experienced this, how long did it take?
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revision noun (STUDY)
/rɪˈvɪʒ.ən/ n
[U] study of work you have done, in order to prepare for an examination
She did no revision, but she still got a very high mark.

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i know what revision means, my question was more like what they mean by revision, how long will it take? Do they ask for an interview after this point ? Anyone with experience on this please post.
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revision means to review the application for re-examination to check if there are corrections..
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