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Subject: crime stopper
  this lady is doing drug trafficking from punjab. her son is here and he goes back and forth dealing the drugs. this lady pretends to be innocent but she has extreme trafficking connections. where do i complain. im scared for my life since they know i know. she lives in punjab, ludhiana. i know her address and number. what should i do
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go to the police. you do not need to be afraid of them
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you can confidently inform the RCMP (they may not do much but...) and keep your personal info confident. However, I doubt that the cops will do much. Canadian cops are notoriously stupid and abysmally incompetent. If the said drugs are infiltrating the US, your chances of seeing action from the US lawmen are much higher. Also the Americans are much better at keeping confidential info. RCMP may actually visit the suspect family and spill the beans, to see if there is family or personal vendetta going on.... which may come back at ya in worse form than fear!
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