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Subject: Studen Visa or Permit - Ontario
Hello all,
I am interested in studying in one of Toronto´s Universities. How can I get permit or visa to study in Ontario Canada. Any Students that have done this already? How much more does education cost for International students as opposed to Canadian stuedents?

Student From Japan
More Expensive for international (in reply to: Studen Visa or Permit - Ontario)
Education costs double for International students at most Canada´s Universities. I know for sure for York University but for other Canadian Universities is probably the same. You also need to apply and be accepted by the University that you apply.
It is also hard to get in (in reply to: Studen Visa or Permit - Ontario)
Beside it is twice more expensive for international students but it is also hard to get in. You need high grades and you need high score on your Language test (either TOEFL or the one offered by the university that you apply).

My older brother tried at two universities and two cities but couldn´t get in because of the language.

student visa (in reply to: Studen Visa or Permit - Ontario)
Yes, you need to apply to the university first and then once approved you take that approval to the canadian embassy or consulate and they should give you student visa. Not sure exactly but I think that you need to renew your student visa every year.
One of the best (in reply to: Studen Visa or Permit - Ontario)
I am also interested. I was reviewing several countries in regards to International studies, and Canada seems to be one of the best when it comes to getting student visa. Prices are also much more affordable comparing to other countries like United States. The biggest problem is the process. You need to apply and then wait, usually you don´t know how long you should be waiting, you call them and they say it is in process but don´t know how long it will take and so on.

But once you get it you are on the horse. All you need to do is ride and study.

Ong Ma
Study, Study, Study (in reply to: Studen Visa or Permit - Ontario)
Be aware that you need to have a good marks in order to get in, that is the first thing we look when giving permission. Learn and good luck.
York University Professor
Already in Canada (in reply to: Studen Visa or Permit - Ontario)
I had no problem. I simply applied and got accepted. It was easier than applying to any other university in Hong Kong. Now I don´t know if there is a difference while immigrating from Hong Kong and other countries like China, Japan... I think it should not be any different. Good luck I also say.
Young Me
Another student (in reply to: Studen Visa or Permit - Ontario)
Excuse me for asking but why visa for ontario? I think you can apply to any university in Canada.
Another student
study permit (in reply to: Studen Visa or Permit - Ontario)
i have a study permit to canada from nigeria but the problem now is that i dont like the school and i wanna change to another school without spending a semester at the school. i neeed advise on what to do as i have alredy pid to the school and the other school doesnt have an opening until september. i really want to get my money back, but i want to know if this would affect my status cos i wouldnt be doing anything until september.
student (in reply to: Studen Visa or Permit - Ontario)
ilike to finishid my digree in canada still i study in u.k my adderes in uk no 2 link way thatcham berk london rg18 3dy
pls send diteles as soon as possible

s.p heenkenda

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