Profession change in PR?

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Subject: Profession change in PR?
  I have got my file number in feb 10th 2010,for PR under the Physiotherapy skilled worker category.But I have a resident visa in UAE with Sales as my profession.Will it be a problem?On the other hand,I have submitted my experience certificate as Physiotherapist.Wheather CIC canada will accept it?Please guide me.
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excuse me. your post is 13 hours old. Nobody WORKS here. we come when we have time. Demanding an answer is really not appropriate especially when your question is technical in nature.

You need 2 years work experience in the NOC code underwhich you applied. Will CIC accept - how would we know... we have not seen your file.

Be patient please.

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Dear Sharon,I have got 4 years of experience as physiotherapist but in that 2 years I am working as physiotherapist in UAE(WITH VISA SHOWING SALES AS MY PROFESSION).I will get 67 points only including this 4yrs experience.I have also submitted my 4yrs physiotherapy experience certificate to CIC Canada.With this detail can you please clear my doubts.

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should be fine but that does not guarantee you will be accepted.
Thank you Sharon (in reply to: Profession change in PR?)
Thank you.I really appreciate the work you and some other experts are doing in this forum.Keep it up .
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