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My husband was born in Angola Africa in 1975 but registered as portuguese citizen in Madria,portugal.came with parents to usa at age 2 & grew up in boston,usa. parents would go to portugal every few years and bring my husband his brothers and sister with them.i was born in Maine,Usa in 1982 to my mother who is usa citizen, my father who is canadian. I am Canadian citizen as well as usa. Now my father is responsible for the beginning of this situation... This is the whole situation starting way back in Oct-Nov 2002.....My husband and i were residing in boston usa, i came to see my father in maine for my 18th birthday, my husband stayed in boston.i come to find out that there were two dominican men also living with my dad and his wife. my dad and his wife both had a very bad crack habbit. when i found out what he was involved in i tried to leave but the two guys showed me a gun and demand that i sit and wait. thats when i got scared and asked to call my husband... they let me call him. now this is how my husband got involved in this whole thing. so i called him in boston and told him that i could not leave my dads house. because of a problem my dad is having. so my husband being my hero drove to maine to get me. when he got to my dads house. he got surprised to hear what the problem was. my dad had these two guys living with him and his wife they where selling crack from the home. and that my dad had gain a crack habit once again. and he owed $2500.00 to these guys and they wanted thier money so they treaten to take me until the money was paid. my husband didnt like that at all... thats when he agreed to help get the money so i could go back home with my husband. all my husbands involven was to make sure that all the money that my dad made from selling to freinds, my husband made sure he pay on his bill with the two guys. and my husband still borrowed money from his parents to help pay on my dads habit bill. my husband and i stayed in maine for 4 days until all the money was there. the last night when we had all the money and we were ready to leave to go home to boston. thats when the house got raided by the police. we got arrested. my husband took my case so i could go home. they charaged him with: conspiracy with intent to distribute 5grams or more of cocaine base; no drugs found on my husbands person. my husband helped the government put 4 very bad guys away.. he has all the court files on his case letters from d.e.a. stating his big help in the case ,,,. so he got 24 months in jail but with ins to deported him from the states because of being a fed crime . so after all his jail time he got deported to portugal. he stayed in portugal for 6 months then he came to be me and my son. i came to canada while he was in portugal i got my proof of citeiznship here and my son. with my husband coming into canada not knowing if they will let him stay or even visit ... so he tried..... and when he got to the airport in canada they were having a hard time finding anything on him . he told the people at the port of entry the whole truth about him self. they were amazed at how fully truthful my husband was being they cut him a break and sold him a 30 day trp visa . for the sum of 300.00$. and the port officer told him what to do if he wishes to stay longer in canada . the officer informed him to contact jurmain law office. so we did mr. jurmain inform us of how my husband came to canada to soon . and that we still can file a trp app. and that will cost about 1400.00$ so we did that and we been together in canada for last two years i gave birth to our second child last april. the frist interview they said because of my husband crimes i had to wait until 2012 to apply. so they refused my trp app. thats when mr jurmain informed him to the appeal the i got another lawyer in toronto to file a fed appael. meanwhlie mr jurmain kept post poning the admissable hearing unitl the decision came back from ferderal courts, they had the hearing last couple of weeks now we are just waiting for the judges decision mr jurmain informs me that should be another few weeks maybe. we just went to the admisadable hearing on feb 3 2010. they found him not admisadable to canada because of two usa charges the second one is drinking and driving which they say its not as bad as the frist one o.u.i. charge was in 2002. so the judge walked over to him with a deportion paper . he signed . they told him to go next door to speak to someone about the prra app. we sat there for 20 mins when some lady behind the glass told him that they will contact him by mail . so we came home and rigth away he contacted mr jurmain .he informed us that was how they do it . so we thougth everything was okay. well the next day i was down stairs washing cloths and my hus band was taking the trash out when he was grabed froceily out the door they where saying he was trying to run but he had no shoe on...he was taking out the trash. they locked him up for 5 days then released him on $1000.00 bond and gave him rules like check in 1 every 2 weeks. now i ask you what can be done . as you see we truely need help asap please......what can we do to keep him from leaving canada?????

Marques Family
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