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Subject: Troubles with Family Class PR in CA
  Hey there fellas, I am currently in process of getting my PR in Canada, my girlfriend and I have been together for a year and for the majority of it I have been coming to Canada to live with her without working. I have sacrificed a lot of savings to do so, have been splitting rent with her, been living together in what is basically a common law relationship. As a US citizen without a work visa, there have been difficulties obviously with my lack of ability to work, necessity to get back to the border to update my visitor status as it is always long term when I am here, and we are totally committed to eachother as almost 10 months of living together even with these difficulties has only allowed our relationship to flourish. I am applying as either common law or conjugal family class, I am undecided and will be talking about that with immigration tomorrow. I have all my forms completed, got my Swedish police certificate, and have my doctors appointment tomorrow. What I need now is the police certificate from America. I have only had one American address since I was 18 years old and am having difficulty understanding what I need to obtain for this criminal check and how to obtain it. The immigration website says to contact the FBI for background and fingerprint checking, which I did and ended up with nothing. They said that the FBI does not do public records nor do they finger print the public for things such as this, I was referred to my local police station - Who I have already called. So my question is this, What exactly do I need to tell Canada I was not a criminal while residing in the US and how do I obtain that information?

I would also love to hear about any family class immigration tips, facts, or heads ups that you may deem important to my situation.

Thanks so much in advance for any help, and sorry for the bump!


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First thing I suggest is reading the stories on here about conjugal partners, 99.9% of them get denied. You have to prove that you have a valid relationship, AND a reason preventing you to get married. Common law partner is almost as difficult. Canada´s attitude is basically "if you´re serious enough to immigrate, why aren´t you married?"
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