Tourist visa to Canada frm Philippines, a joke?

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Subject: Tourist visa to Canada frm Philippines, a joke?
  Last year my wife applied on 2 separate occasions for a tourist visa, so she could come and meet my family.
She was turned down by the Manila Embassy,both times.
I spoke to a Canadian immigration lawyer and was told that he would be shocked if they gave anyone a tourist visa, even though she was financially secure and would return to the Philippines.
Whats with you people supposedly working for the citizens of Canada?
Why do you waste people´s time and money for a process,that has a predetermined outcome? The most troubling aspect is that these "immigration officers" operate in a vacuum of secrecy where they are rarely held accountable for their decisions.
I have to wonder about the motives of some of these public servants?
The government seems to have no problem allowing refugees into the country on the tax payers back, but makes Canadian citizens go through these ridiculous procedures for visa travel for legitimate spouses.
It is much easier living here in the Philippines than going through the stupidity of the Canadian Immigration system.

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actually, I understand that they ARE accountable. If they award visas and people do not return home, that reflects on their review. Eliminates the opportunity for officers to be bought.

too many spouses have promised to go home and don´t. Don´t be mad at CIC... be mad at thoughtless people who spoil it for others. CIC works on statistics - no heart.

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Your best bet would be to sponsor under family class as your spouse. My husband applied twice for the visitors visa before being granted his pr. I know it is discouraging but I would encourage you to focus your energies on that instead of the unlikely chance of getting a visitors visa
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