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Subject: RE:visa extension in land
  I am here on visitor visa and my visa was about to expire and i applied 30 before expiry, have no answer from Vegrevile.

I have to go back to my home country for my permanent visa medical has just arrived and passport request.

So if i leave here without my extension will the visa office in home country ask why i overstayed
since i have no any answer for my Implied status? for visitor.

Is there any number i can call and ask them to give a paper saying my application was in Implies status in Canada.

please help me confused.

or can i ask my friend to mail me the medical here in Canada and i can examine them here in Canada.

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Trying to have it both ways, hmmmm what do you think is best?


RE:Roy help please (in reply to: RE:visa extension in land)
Hi Roy,

I am planing to do my PR outland medical papers in Canada since i am visiting. should I email my visa office back home
and tell them as well if it is possible i can courier the passport to embassy since they have requested for passport too.

will that be a problem?

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