few questions about Canadian PR application

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Subject: few questions about Canadian PR application
  Hi, I would really appreciate answers to these questions I have about the PR application.

1. how long does it take on average to get the approval from the PIO?
2. I am an Indian citizen. I am currently working in Canada on a work permit. Can I chose a visa office in Canada since the New Delhi processing times seem to be very long.
3. Is it possible that they might reject the written submission since english is not my first language? Is it worth doing a written submission instead of the english test?
4. I see that I need the info (photos, etc) for all family members. Also, is it better to add my parents to the application RIGHT NOW or would it be the same to do it later if I know that they WILL come to Canada?
5. Does driver license count as Identity card?

thanks for your help

Applying for PR (in reply to: few questions about Canadian PR application)
Good morning..im will be applying for residency here in canada by next month..i am married with 1 daughter my question is..my plan is i am only getting or sponsoring my daughter and im not going to bring my husband over do i still submit my marriage cert.in the immigration and if u do have know a consultancy that will help me to work on with my papers?
Gertrudes Viaje
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Hi Junkax,

If you are in Canada on a work permit and have two years full time of experience then you can apply in Canadian Experience Class refer to the link below.


In my opinion, it would be better if you write IELTS and its not that hard for proof of language ability.

If you are applying through Canadian Experience Class then you cant add your parents right now. You have to apply for them after you become PR in Canada. By the time you can call them here on Visitor Visa and you can ask for extension of visitor visa too for their longer time stay.

Your Driver´s License is your Identity Card almost everywhere.

Hope this will help.

Best Luck,

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