What other evidence can I use?

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Subject: What other evidence can I use?
I was wondering what else can I use for evidence that my relationship with my husband is genuine besides pictures, airline tickets, western union receipts, letters from family and friends, phone bills and joint bank account information.
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Do you have a joint lease? Any joint purchases of furniture/big ticket items used for your home? E-mails or letters from you to him or vice versa?
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If you have any emails, send those in.. regardless if they are private or not.. u dont know who will be reading and you shouldnt care. This is what i had sent. I sent photos hotel bills, restaurant bills, any kind of communication between your husband and u no matter how small.
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Her finger prints on your body and vice versa and DNA tests found in her and your house that belongs to both of you ...just kidding ...

In addition to photos, e mails, phone calls, chat site chat copies, also let some canadian friends write letter saying that they know about your relationship for a long time ....2/3 letters would be fine ... good luck

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This question has been asked so many times and answered twice as many. WHY?

U R one of those DIY sponsors. Do It Yourself, save money! Simple correct CIC says I can do it myself.

Consider two people being selected for cake decorating for a silent auction to raise money for a charity that you really believe in.

Once the cakes have cooled down there is no difference to them at all. One person has ten years of cake decorating experience and you have never decorated a cake before EVER!

Start decorating.

The person with years of experience will ensure their cake is decorated beautifully. Yours will look like a disaster!

Remember it is your favorite charity!

Don´t pay for advice, it is simple no one ever gets rejected!

Whats a few more months (23-30) to get a date for an appeal? Look at the money I will save asking for free advice on a forum where the respondents know nothing about my personal situation.

Oh whoops I should not have said that, that way! Why would anyone interpret (that) as a negative component. I DID NOT MEAN THAT!

That is not how I interpreted that question. THEY R WRONG!

No U are wrong to think something as important as a husband is not worth paying for.

A Representative decreases your chances of an interview and ensures your application is better then how you would do it yourself. Higher experienced qualified representatives who can prove they have solved similar cases and will give you a list of references.


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In some cases, an affidavit from an influential person you know ´may´ help (notary, professional, recognised lawyer, recognised religious minister, reputable employer).

Good luck


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