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Subject: Software Development Manger(0213) and Software Dev
  I have 4 year of Experience as Software Developer(NOC- 2174).Than i am promoted to Software Developer Manager(NOC 0213).And as Software developer manager my experience is 1 year. My question is my experience of Software Developer(NOC-2174) is counted when i will apply as Software Developer Manager(0213) under Skilled Category.Because some of the duties of Software developer are matched with software developer manager.Means what are the my points for occuptions. Please Reply .......
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No. You can only count experience under 0213 when you were actually in the role, title, and position of Software Development Manager. Time spent as Software Developer should be listed separately under 2174.

When employment verification is made, CIC will not know or care that as a Software Developer you had some managerial responsibilities, as that was not your official role and title as provided by your employer.

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