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Subject: Does Canadian identity exist
  Dear Sir/Madam
I am kindly asking for your support in a study that I am currently carrying out on the Canadian identity, which is part of my MA project that I am writing at the University of Lodz, Poland.

The purpose of the study is to identify several factors that might have influenced the shape of the contemporary Canadian national identity. The survey is directed at the citizens of Canada.

Should you choose to take part, the link below will present you a simple on-line questionnaire related to various aspects of the Canadian national identity.

Participation in the survey is voluntary and requires about 10 minutes to complete. Further, all information provided is anonymous and will be used strictly for the academic purpose.

The survey is directed at the citizens of Canada. If you do not meet this requirement, please do not fill in the questionnaire.


Cut-off point: Access to the on-line questionnaire will end on March 31, 2010.

I would be grateful if you would disseminate the above link to your relatives and friends, requesting their kind participation in the on-line survey.

If you need more details, do not hesitate to contact me on:

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Piotr Puławski
MA student
Department of Transatlantic and Media Studies
University of Lodz, Poland

Piotr Puławski
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you are asking a group of potential immigrants here - not Canadians.

want a sense of Canadian Identity - check out

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I waas wondering which future Immigratn would be replying? This person is dealing with part of their MASTERS project. How did they graduate in the first place? LOL LOL LOL


(in reply to: Does Canadian identity exist)
Canadian Identity?

A Canadian is an unarmed American with health care LOL



(in reply to: Does Canadian identity exist)

Better is the guy without health care in the States that woke up at night & heard somone in his house. He got his gun out of the bedside table and shot the intruder three times coming out of the bathroom.

The intruder was his wife!

How much does medical coverage cost in the States after being shot three times Bill?


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