I need help regarding British Columbia PNP

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Subject: I need help regarding British Columbia PNP
Hi all,
Can anyone please guide me if the employer has to send in his business T4 in order to support an employees Provincial Nomination?

If yes, is there a way around? My employer refuses to disclose his T4 statement to anyone

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Hi everyone, I´m wondering what people thought about experiences they´ve had with racism (especially digital / online stuff) being targeted at minority-group immigrants? This article was rather insightful for me, and prompted me to look into things even more:


People like Richard Warman and Shane Martinez seem to be doing some solid work in combating those who target immigrants and refugees with hate literature. The online realm is an area in which some (but of course not all) newcomers might have trouble confronting racism within. Any thoughts on resources that could assist with this? I.E. settlement service programs giving newcomers a heads up on these things?


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