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Subject: Check Sharon's response to Canadian Identity
  If you are smart enough to read the underlined message of the things that Sharon has written thru all these years you will notice that she posses the real arrogance and double standard that is so stereotypical in Canada.
I bet you are a first generation Canadian Sharon.
To any potential immigrants: Unless you have a pretty bad situation in your country, do not even bother coming here. You will end up doing shitty jobs that have nothing to do with your real background, as a consequence you will end up angry, unhappy and depresed. In order to get a decent job you may have to "re-educate" yourself which will cost you thousands of dollars. Really think twice and do not follow the propaganda. The Canadian Goverment needs new immigrants to support the commodites of the born-canadians.
They need you to pay taxes, spend money in your re-education and so on.
Besides it the average canadian will make you feel like "you were not born in here".
I honestly have more respect for American people because they always have shown their true colours to the world. Canadians have a huge facade.

Happy Canadian
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actually, on one side I am 5th generation. other side - second.

Fact is, the Olympics and how Canada has responded to the event and the rest of the world is an exact statement of how we view our identity. No survey required.

I laugh at people that ask questions when answers are all around them - nothing more, nothing less.

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Happy Canadian-

I lived in the United States for eight years and now I have been in Canada for almost 8 months. Surprisngly, I had the same impression like yours. Your posting exactly reflects my thoughts (about life here, about Sharon !! (lol), and about my real situation (unhappy and feeling of discrimination although I have been successful so far to work in a job that fits with my background..considering myself much luckier than many others around). Your copmarison between here and the States is also true.
People here are struggling. Money is drained very easily as everything is unreasonably expensive. However, the only thing that may make me content -as an immigrant- is when I compare between my life here and in my not compare yourself with the Canadians who take all the cake and leave small tiny peices for you...If your situation here is better than your country, consider yourself happy and keep going in your life...otherwise it is better to go home and put an end to your suffering.

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For fourteenth generation Canadian it is not different.

This Canadian lived in another country in which I could not speak the language and still prosperoused!

Was I discrimminated against? I guess, but I didn´t care I was out to feed my family and took any work I could get. I was on a positive mission and could not take time to notice others comments or opinions! I wanted to feed my family and give them a better life.

Whoa is me!

They don´t like me competing for a position, who cares? Only these negative types that no one would want to hire in the first place even in their former countries, whine.

In every country it is the same we scratch out and multi task to feed our families.

Canada is a beautiful country and the beauty is free. Certain things cost more but at least the majority are safe to consume and use.

I have hundreds of clients that can not believe we can drink the water right out of our taps, that the air is invisible, etc..

Create a quality life for yourself and family and stop posting quotes out of context.


So is annonymous and Happy Canadian the same person???

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No Roy. We are not the same person.
Perhaps we just happened to experience similar situations. What a coincidence, eh?
Th funniest part of your comments Roy is that you are so conditioned by this culture than other that say anything smarter you limit yourself to call whinner to a person who disagrees with your views. That´s so Canadian BTW. Are you now going to call me " Negative" or " Angry" ( LOL) now? Next time I post a comment promise to include how " AWESOME " and " GREAT" has been my life experience in this country. However, I am not here to say Canada is garbage. It does have its advantages as a country, but is far from being the country the Canadian Goverment portrays as part of its overrated propaganda.
YOu guys have such a colonial mindset that you can´t even see it.

Happy Canadian
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If you don´t like Canada then leave! We don´t force you to stay!

Only cowards point the finger and blame everything else but them self for failure! You hold your own destiny.

Pete Richards
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Happy Canadian,

No matter I have a Canadian passport, I would definetely sign under your comments and just two words for your comments.... well said ...

Some people live in this country, and just show respect, but never forget their identity and culture and still survive..Some people can easily be assimilated like Roy, and forget about their culture, for a white guy like Roy, I dont think it was that hard, it is not about taking things positively or not, if he were a chinese or Indian looking guy in this country, he would no way say the same things...

Please remember the moment you lose your own identity and accept your new fake identity, you become ´noone´ rather that ´someone´...Some experts state that this is a danger for your mental health,... You see that from the topics Roy or such people talk about... Take olympics, Sharon and Roy and Richard talk about that in an immigration site... This is a great sign for their mental health...

You guys should understand, immigrants in this country do not give a shit about olympics or your hockey team or your maple shit .... They are so busy to find a job, and earn their life.... Many immigrants in this country especially if they do not look like that dominating community (coucasians) here-- are discriminated, even those with some arabic names are discriminated,....Discrimination in this country is against the law, no one can discriminate you because of your religion, race or age!!! Do you really belive in this in reality ?? A potential employer would never tell you that they are not giving you a job becasue you are muslim, or black or Indian, do you think they are that stupid, to commit a crime,,,, ?? What they do is just ignore your application ...This is how discrimination works here... Miss Sharon, tomorrow cover your head, and take an arabic name and apply for some jobs that suit your qualifications or education and see the discrimination!!!

There is no way for immigrants to have the same respect or same social status they used to have in their own country... It is so easy to say ´...oh go away, if you are not happy go away , what are you doing here, nobody asked you to come over bla bla bla...´ Such commentors are just showing their hidden- sleeping racisim inside their brain in a web page... These immigrants spent a fortune to come over, to make their dreams come true, they have kids at school, it is not easy for them at this point to go away... becasue they think of their kids... and they stay here until they are done ....

Do you think ROy is such a great person and so optimistic about life and that is why he is successful? No way, if he can speak excellent finnish, or german and go back to those countries, he would still be okay, do you think the reason for that is his skills? NO way!! It is just because he would look like one of those people... Do you think black people, or Indians are so happy in Germany or England or Canada, I do not think so ....

...well, happy canadian ... thank you for your comments, I am glad some people are honestly talking frankly...Roy and Sharon, guys please understand Canada is not that great as you see, at least in the eyes of immigrants, sorry, we know this country has a lot of good things but immigrants- if they do not look like this dominating community- will always feel strangers, no matter they have a Canadian passport, no matter how long they live here...

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United Airlines has a sale. Feel free to purchase a ticket and leave anytime.

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really?? I so laugh at ignorant people like ohcanada and happy canadian and so forth. Just a bunch of whiners who probably are too lazy to accept a job that does not "match their qualifications". News flash: its never easy to move to a new country and you will NOT get the perfect job in the beginning but if you are so full of negativity and prejudice against canadians then that will reflect outside and you will not be succesful in life. I am proud to be canadian, my parents never once complained when they came here, worked shity jobs and woke up at 5 am but never complained about racism, prejudice, never felt victimised cause guess what? nobody invited them to Canada they chose to come here and work hard and make a better life so if you can´t do that then its your problem don´t blame it on Canadians! oh and as DocD puts it...United Airline does have a sale.
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It all depends on individual situation..experiences vary..

To be happy, just compare yourself with your situation in your country of origin and move from there..don´t compare yourself with others including "white" Canadians....

Not getting my sale ticket.. SOrry!! (in reply to: Check Sharon's response to Canadian Identity)
You will have to put up with my comments that may break your bubble. I am not blind or unaware of the issues that many people face. Roy, Sharon and the other folks in this website are a bunch of Red Neck Puppets under the desgise if educated people. Believe me, the day I decide to leave this country is because my plan B is set in place to make money out of all the wasted years of my life.
For the 2nd anonymous.- It does not surprise me that you are making assumptions of me being "lazy". You are just and ignorant puppet making assumptions and following the "Mainstream Puppets" of this website. Please do some good to other people and speak to them with the truth. If you are a mainstream looking canadian or if you were born here, you have nothing to say other than giving opinions of a reality that you have never faced. Thank your parents for repressing their feelings before you. If they worked shitty jobs and they were happy with it, I can assure you that they did not immigrate as Skilled Workers.

Happy Canadian