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  You keep talking about other people making assumptions about you, you just made a very wrong assumption about my family which proves that YOU my friend are beyond ignorant. I will not even go into detail about what my family does. Secondly, no, I was not born in Canada I have witnessed a lot of crap in my country of origin without going into detail so there goes your second assumption. As for being skilled workers I assure you my family is more educated than you will ever be and are doing the same professions as they were in our country. So stop assuming, stop being negative and go on to your "plan B". Don´t even bother replying to this I assure you I will not read it.
Dear Anonymous Puppet (in reply to: for Happycanadian)
We all make assumptions from each other. You should first read your comments before pointing fingers on others.
This Country is a " Democratic" one and freedom of speech is allowed as far as I am concerned, though it is not specifically protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms( ironic isn´t?).
I do not understand why you get so angry at someone who disagrees with your point of view. If you call me negative for expressing situations I have seen and lived , so be it. To me you are another hypocritical puppet who is so self absorbed that can not even have compasion to accept the reality of others. If you want mislead potential new immigrants with your oblivious "positivity" I assure you that you will no do them any good. If you are so wordly and educated you should not be offended by comments that differ from yours.
All what I am trying to say is that it is not all peachy rosy and people should be aware of situations they will face. I have also met immigrants who have succeded.
However, it is not the case of the majority.
Just tell me how many immigrants are in Parliament right now? Why always the same group of people manage to get in the same positions of power? Please do not even bother mentioning that the Governor General is from Haiti. I am speaking of the people who actually govern the country. However,they will always put few minority groups in some positions of prestige in order to pretend that they are not protectionist.

Happy Canadian
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I agree to the statement "succeeded immigrants are not majority". I chose to return to my native country, avoiding becoming immigrants who are in the poverty line. I´ve witnessed and experienced the misery.

Read this :

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LOL, let us know when plan "B" is in place and will throw you party!

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Raj Chouhan, NDP MLA for Burnaby-Edmonds, agreed that raising minimum wage would help B.C.´s poorest families

yep sounds like the typical white non immigrant MLA to me.....

Stop whining and work in integrating.

Most immigrants that I see/hear complaining are the ones that come here and want the country to adapt to them.
I am an American citizen.... Do I demand my rights to own a gun that I had in the states?
Canada is a different country. I adapted.
The whole I am part of the country BUT you must adapt to my culture is what brings about the resentment. Why?
Because most of the whiners refuse to accept Canadians for who they are, while trying to force people to accept them for who they are. Frankly we get tired of hearing how bad you have it when we trudge off to our jobs (or more than one) that most likely we ourselves are over qualified for.

You must practice what you preach.

Become a citizen and then Vote... if you do not like who is in power then change it or shut up about it.

The grass is always greener on the other side eh?

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Those who call immigrants or people who complain about the situation in this country as ´lazy´ ´whiners´ are in my opinion totally blind people... Let me give you some examples, how hard working these immigrants are, next time you go to a gas station look at the people there, their ethnic background, ...immigrants.....

Go to Mcdonals, subway, those small restaurants, it is mostly ...immigrants.... check the people who clean your offices, taxi drivers, all immigrants there...

How come you almost never see caucasian taxi drivers ? Well let me tell you, in order to drive a taxi, you should work more than 8 hours, some work even 10 hours, 7 days a week, see Anonymous, immigrants in this country are not that lazy.... Have you ever been to the outskirts of this country, where you see those lands people grow wine, who collects grapes for your wine?

When you go to your grocery store again look at those local grown berries, and think of those poor, old, indians, !!!! and they are or were immigrants in this country...

And look at those mentally sick people in the streets, who ask for any spare coins, how come these are all caucasians? Who is lazy tell me ???

It doesnt mean that some immigrants are abusing the rules, or the law in this country, but when those hard working immigrants compain about their situation, blaming them, calling them lazy, or saying ´Go back if you do not like" ´Who forced you to come over here.....´ such comments, show how cheap your talk is, how blind you are...or you are one of those- as happycanadian call- members of "puppet society´´ In fact for me people in thise site like Richard, Roy, Sharon DocD are just lonely people who do not have any personal life, or social life, these are typicasl people who sleep alone and get up alone, they are all here because they have nobody to talk about love, intimacy, these are people who miss a tender kiss on their cheeck no matter it is from a spouse or a loved one, they see this site a site to socialise, a site where they can find a bunch of lonely people like themselves...

DocD your comment is not a good joke to laugh at, get a life mate, get a life....May be happycanadian´s plan ´B´ is farting at your face, becasue with your attempt to destroy his serious talk,or using his legal ´free speech´ right in this country, you are proving yourself and others that you really need a life... Topics like this, should not be your concern, if you have something to say, say it instead of trying to make some cheap jokes....these topics should not be in your interest area, go and join Sharon and Roy when they talk about Olympics, and weather, in an immigration site..and have fun...

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took 3 taxi´s this past week - all caucasian drivers. Cleaners at my office - yes, immigrants that don´t speak english. What do immigrants do for work in YOUR home country that don´t speak the language? Berry pickers - again, if you don´t know the language, what sort of work would you suggest? My question would be - how many of those berry pickers are sponsored parents that now live as slaves in the homes of their children who´s only income is as cleaners or farm labourers? Who´s fault is that - Canada?

As for my personal life - I will ask the same question of Ohcanada - what are you doing on this forum? No life, no partner, no kiss, no?

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Ohcanada, I was starting to try to understand and consider your comments and points of view about immigrant life in Canada.

However, your personal remarks about my (and some others here) personal life are disappointing. Many of us North Americans here share commonalities (like the recent Olympics) in a forum such as this that exists nowhere else. I have no grudge towards you, and don´t presume to comment about your social situation, such as whether you receive tender kisses or have intimacy. What you say in this regard is inappropriate, especially to strangers here who actually may want to sympathize with some of your points of view.

So I´d ask you to refrain from personal remarks towards people whom you don´t know, and had not directed any negative comments to you. I have a very full life with family and friends, and come here (sometimes while taking a break at work) to read interesting thoughts, ideas, and comments about the world from Canadian residents and immigrants I wouldn´t get any place else (including you... hey you must be lonely and missing intimacy).

Regarding your issues. You´d find the same situation in the U.S. and the European Union countries. The world is going through a deep economic recession, and even citizens of these local country are having a hard time finding employment in their professions. As a result, they´re also taking the lowly, dirty jobs they would not have ever dreamed of having to do. Granted, coming as an immigrant with a different skin color, accent, and culture is going to set you apart. Racism on this basis does exist in all the places I mentioned. This is a fact of life and human nature unfortunately, and new immigrants have to work hard to overcome this situation with extra effort and positive outlook.

Immigration to a foreign culture will always take an extra, almost super-human effort. Immigrants not prepared to do this will have a very hard time.

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The sad thing is the people exploiting those poor berry pickers and poor taxi drivers are their own.....

Rest assured I have spent enough time with "those poor people" to know that most got here on convoluted family sponsorships and before the downturn on work visa´s arranged between families....

Not everyone is blind or stupid.

I have experienced racism in surrey when I lived there

Do I think all Indo-Canadians are racist?
No.. but there are some. Just like there are in all races.

The days of just tossing out the racism card and not getting called on it is long long gone.

and yes you are indeed a whiner

In regards to the street people I suggest spending some time working with them (I do) and rest assured they are not all Caucasians, I have worked with all races..

shame on you for dragging the mentally ill into this...

might as well start listing the wife burners etc etc etc etc

I love to see the ´free-speech´ tossed around by someone who does not appear to want to allow others the same.

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I don´t care who you are
Where you´re from
What you did
As long as you love me
Who you are
Where you´re from
Don´t care what you did
As long as you love me

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To Dawz,

´Canada is a different country. I adapted. ´ Oh well you know what you remind me a friend of mine called George you adapted to the life in canada as an American? Oh my god so sorry that must be soooo hard, geeese, so hard. others might not know your hard adaptation process, lets help you and others understand your situation... For those time killers here, America, is a country in Africa, they speak americanish, so this guy took some ESL courses to adapt...must be so hard...but he did it!!!Wow great success story!!!

In america, there are no McDonals, no crackheads, no Chinese restaurants, nobody asks for spare coins, so this guy adapted to a totally new social life in Canada, see immigrants see how hardworking some immigrants...

In America, dawz was a black guy he used bleach to whiten his skin, see adaptation ? how much he suffered!!!!

In America, there is no tax return, he had to learn everything, inAmerica, there is no craiglist, no job hunting online sites, this guy learnt all here in canada... woooooow!!!

In America, he was a muslim lady and wearing turban, etc, now she came to canada he changed her appearance, ...see her adaptation...

In canada we never accept American uni dipomas, and this guy paid a lot to translate his documents into English from Americanish, woooww see how much paid, how much he suffered....

probaly he had a drivering licence from america, BUt we do not accept their licence he had to take all the exams, no matter he has been a driver for 15 years, woow man, that is adaptation...pat on your shoulder!!!

Oh daws I really appriciate your adaptation process poor man, well done well done .... i am sorry for my comments, you are one of those great immigrants, whose story should be taken by CIC and published under success stories, ...

To sharon, you know what you dont belive in your self, you know the truth, you know how much immigrants suffer...but you do not want to say it!! By the way I am a happily married guy with two kids, and a wife for 10 years, and waiting for my lonely mum to come over so that she can be with her only child and grandchildren..and what about you? Do you have somebody in your life? A young guy from Mexico, or middle east who loves you so much, probably much younger than you, probably very handsome, probably so educated, and wants to come over to Canada simply because he loves you sooo much, because he finds you such a great person, so attractive...? I hope my assumption is all wrong, and you are a lady happily married, with kids, but I read your messages, and this is what I see, a lonely unhappy lady, bored and doesnt know what to do concerning her social life... anyways.. not my business, sorry this should be your privacy, sorry for getting too private...

Richard: I am not going to answer you, I would just say, god bless you lonely man ....Please join the chats here here, especially if they are started by Roy or Sharon, please socialise here as much as you can do...good luck

By the way English is not my first language, but I do not remember saying anything like, all canadians are racists, or bad, there are a lot of great canadians, and I am married to one of them who spends her weekends to help immigrants in some community centers, and those immigrants there suffer a lot, they suffer because of their arabic names, their colour, ...Immigrants in this country are silent communities, those with some education come to the media, and web sites like this and from time to time compain or talk about some facts, you guys should learn to listen to them and understand instead of disagreeing all the time and calling them whiners, law abusers... etc....By the way I am done in this site leaving you chatters kill your time...and show your hidden feelings against immigrants ...Good luck all and god bless all of you ...