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Subject: in process means
  Hi everyone, I just want to be clarified with this. I applied for permanent residence under the LIve in Caregiver Program. I was so worried that I was able to complete the Program in more than 3 years. As i checked my status on e cas it says their that "in process". Please for those who has a knowledge on LIVE IN CAREGIVER PROGRAM!


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What exactly are you asking?
"In process" means that it is still process in other words, a decision has not been made yet on your application.

In-process changed to decision made (in reply to: in process means)
Hi all,

My FSW Permanet Resident status has changed from ´in-process´ to ´decision made,. I did not get any AOR or letter from the Singapore visa office after they started processing on Nov 02, 2009.

Could you please explain about this ´decision made´?

Mahbub Hossain
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When was it changed to decision made? Decision made simply means they have decided on your case. You cannot know the details until you receive a letter. For me it took almost a week to get the letter, but the office is literally a 10 minute drive from my house, so if the office is not local to you it may take longer, it all depends on the mail.
'In-process' changed to 'Decision Made' (in reply to: in process means)
Thank you for reply. I saw In-process changed to Decision Made on March 24, 2010. On March, 11, 2010 it was in-process.The visa office startrd my FSW file processing on Nov, 7, 2009. Since then I have not got AOR or any letter. I want your suggenstion pls
Mahbub Hossain
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So basically you should receive a letter soon in the mail (depending on how the mail system speed is where you live). Once you receive that letter, you will know their decision.
In-process changed to Decision Made (in reply to: in process means)
Is there any chance if anybody gets decision made before medicals? I am hoping because I am victim? In which stage you got decision made? Pls explain..

Mahbub Hossain
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what exactly makes you a ´victim´?

a final YES answer to your application before medicals is unlikely.

In process changes to decision made (in reply to: in process means)
As I have got decision made before medical, so thta I am still hoping, this decision made is not the final decision. May be I can get a chance, as I am confident I will get more than 67 points, job also 38 enlisted.
Am I getting only this decision made before medical? Pls share´´´´´´´´, suggestion please´´´´´

Mahbub Hossain
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