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I absoutely believe and agree with what you had mention about loneliness and isolation. I am really glad that you have a great canadian lady as a wife. I am sure that she does not live in the bubble of delusions where braiwashed canadians do. I have met some great canadian people myself. They are compasionate, considerate and realistic of all the pros and cons of Canada . People like Sharon, Roy and Richard are so bored of their minds that they feel that this forum is like their little Kingdom of power. I guess that they must feel a sense of accomplishment by dictating what people should do.
I also agree with the fact that they know very well about all the hardship that immigrants go thru. However, their ego gets a boost by telling people what they are doing "right" or "wrong", so it is better to be in the hypocritical side of the coin.
Sharon I truly wish you well and hope that you do not become a control freak once that supposed fiance of yours comes into the country. Enjoy it while it lasts, hopefully you will be sitting less hours in front of the computer.
God Bless you!! And May God Bless Canada!!

Happy Canadian
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How sad. These two angry, bitter would-be immigrants come here to find fault with others and Canada. In their personal failures as lonely, faceless new arrivals, they seek satisfaction in putting the system down and everyone who´s part of it. This is really a sad spectacle. Best to leave them alone here to complain and cry with each other in their misery.
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Richard, excuse my language but please, keep on licking XXX,.....I am sure you do not want to see whose xXX you are licking...By the way our misery in this country is your big dream that will never come true... and you might lose your pea size brain if you really knew how successful we were, NOT only in our homeland but in a new country, like Canada, ...If you were that much successful in your life, you would never come here to an immigration site and talk... There are not only you guys- (in total 4/5 people in this site) in this country but there are many others, some canadians are so successfull, some are not even those who are NOt successful do not come here and lick the assess of those people of boredom club members.... Please do not hate immigrants, please do not be jealous of those successfull immigrants, who make more money then you... Just appreciate them, even if they complain try to understand them,...A final suggestion try to have dignity, honour in your life, have your own opinion instead of becoming one of the members of boredom club in an immigration site...again and again, excuse my language, you are an old guy I have to show you respect but sometimes you do deserve...Good luck and God bless you if there is one ....better find a better hobby instead of coming here and have ´canadian pub´ conversation....
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I assume you no longer live in Canada right?



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excuse me OhCanada - you will NEVER have the integrity and success of Richard and your comments match your ignorance. You know NOTHING of digity and honour - nothing.
To Sharon (in reply to: To Oh Canada from Happy Canadian)
For your perusal Richard, I do have a good job in Canada. However, my situation is not the same situation that many immigrants face. The Fact that I was given good advice by people who knows the system has allowed me land a decent job. However, that does not mean that each immigrant faces the same situation.
If I like to expose hypocritical people like you, Sharon and some others is because you are the type of hateful ,ignorant canadians who are really xenophobic. Keep your little Kingdom of Nothingness!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Happy Canadian
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Happy Canada,

Oh man you have a severe complex of inferiority. You probably didn´t get enough hugs when you were growing up.

You keep calling people "ignorant", "hypocritical" and so forth and you are still living in Canada.


Do your self a favour and if you have a little self respect, just go. I understand that stupidity is a condition but ignorance is a choice.

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ok those 2 are still whining about Canada??? and what is this about? "please do not hate immigrants Just appreciate them, even if they complain try to understand them". Nobody hates immigrants here as you may or may not know 90% of those people on this site are potential immigrants so please read carefully what other people are trying to tell you. Just like your last intelligent reply to my post. At least people on this site come to get info about their PR not complain and waste time nagging like you do and then surprise! you are the same individual telling others to stop waisting time on the site ironic...and how about Happy much hate in his words its incredible. It looks like you are the racist judgemental one calling people you dont even know ignorant and xenophobic. Enough said...
Oh Yes anonymous (in reply to: To Oh Canada from Happy Canadian)
I forgot that I should just say "positive " and nice things about Canada,Otherwise you have nothing smarter to say than calling me angry, whinner and so on!!
At least I am not a society puppet like you.
People immigrating here will find out their own answers sooner than later. Now it´s me but there is more to come and of course you will keep calling them angry, blah blah blah. In America we call controversy to this kind of debate and expression. Here in Canada it is called anger...LOL!! You guys are little funny!!!
O.k. I promise to put on my 24/7 facade of happiness and contentment next time. Why don´t you Sharon , Roy and Richard write the Second Part of "The Secret". BTW, Do you know that the writer is facing a lawsuit? Which means that his positivity got hit by reality!!

Happy Canadian
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