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Subject: Becoming a Non Resident Canadian
My name is Kamran (35) and currently living in Calgary-Canada. In 2011 I am planning to try my luck in UAE in the Banking sector as I will complete my Diploma in Business Admin (Accounts/Finance) from Bow Valley College Calgary.

My questions are:
1- What are the good tips to get a job in Banking sector in UAE if possible by giving online interviews/or on telephone or do I have to visit and go through?

2- Should I become a Non Resident if I get a job there? I do not hold any Mortgage/house, no RRSP, no RESP, I will close my Bank Accounts and credit cards, I am ready to stop the child benefit tax too but what about the driving license. I will need it in UAE.

3-If after working a few years I decide to come back to Canada and takes my savings or any money (given by parents in Inheritance) back to Canada what CRA will treat with me, do they cut any tax on any money that you bring into Canada earned or unearned, what would be the situation in a resident or non resident?

I will highly appreciate your kind help.



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For a numbers cruncher you have done little if any research yourself.


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Hi Roy,

As fas as i know, that if you live outside Canada and become a Non Resident you have to loose every thing like Bank A/C, RRSP, RESP, DL, House etc... but you do not pay tax, but if you file your tax each year you can keep your things.

In the first case, if you go back to Canada after a couple of years you do not pay tax on the money earned outside Canada. But in the second case if you go back to Canada you have to pay a 40% tax on that income.

Am I right ?



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Just go out of the country, why u want to come back. Ge the hell out form this u want to come back if they kick you out. I know that UAE won´t give any immigration like forest run !!!!!!
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I have heard of people (with a Canadian passport) getting high salaries in UAE and some get CA passport for the same.
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rather that relying on heresay, do some research. Asking a question on a forum is not research.
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Kamran, please stay in Canada. Why do you want to come back to UAE? Dont you know, Dubai is under tremendous debts and badly effected due to global financial crisis.

In addition, banks are still bleeding badly. You will never get jobs in Banks here.

Luckily, i am still surviving in Dubai in the financial sector. My future is very unstable here. That´s why, I am planning to move to Canada in the next couple of months. I hold a valid PR still.

Cheers and all the best! Money is not everything in life. If you have a shelter to live and food to eat, pls be happy.

Praveen Reddy
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Hi Praveen,

Thank you very much for your kind mail. Praveen, final destination is not Dubai, I mean I am also considering Doha and Bahrain too.

Praveen I am confused, should I move to Middle East or not, as you might know here in Canada houses are very expensive and if you do not have your own home your 40% income goes in rent and normally our wives do not work because they take of the kids so that kids can stay in our culture and language otherwise if you leave them in day care normally at a stage you loose your kids and they get mixed in the white culture. I worked here in Banking sector for 2 years, but there is no growth in Banking here so I decided to move to Accounting side.
Living in Middle East can give me lot of advantages like closer to back home, our own cultural values, and if a good salary then life can be little better then Canada, am I right?
I also need your kind opinion that what salary will I be offered after a year from now or what should I demand. By the way what is the monthly living cost in UAE ? and what people normally save?



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how dare you. if you don´t want to be part of the Canadian culture, why are you coming here? Lose your kids? If you want your kids to stay in your culture and your language you better go home and stop trying to take advantage of one world while still hanging on to another.

This is the most bizarre post I have read in 8 years.

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Holy cow!!!!
A person from the middle east who doesn´t want to "mix" his kids with the "white" culture! and He doesn´t want his wife to work! And he is wondering why he is not making enough money!

OMG, this is by far one of the most stupid posts I have ever read. It is so wrong in so many levels.
You call that "values" this is the classic example of people whom call "white" people racist and they are the ones who segregate themselfs and make themselfs to feel different.

I feel sorry for Kamran, it is nothing that a classic example of deep ignorance, segregation and discrimination.

I wonder what his culture would say if I tell my kids in front of them , please play only with other arian kids.

Sounds ugly doesn´t it?

What makes you think that when you say it all the way around is ok then?


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I would really say sorry for Kamran and Canada. One really should "salute" the immigration officer or the immigration system who let such a gentleman fit to enter into Canada.

Kamran, I am also an Asian. I would strongly disagree or find it disgusting if Canada or the system really discriminate the immigrant on the basis of skin colour or accent(like in a known case in Disco in Alberta).

I would think about the poor Canadian infrastructure to that of Europe. I would think or complain if my academic credentials were not recognized.

But you wanted a western life and don´t want your kids to enjoy that life and freedom. Probably, before immigrating you might have complained about inhuman and middle age system of your country. But, now you are blaming the majority of the people on the basis of skin colour..! Why do you want to live in Canada? Its not fit for you if you want your kid to live in "Sharia" system. Middle east is better. Yes man go there. Or you wanted to impose Sharia in Canada in future!!

Canadians beware now..! The problem UK has faced may face it in future...if such retarted thinkings prevail there!