Sponsoring my mom and brother (divorce)!!!!

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Subject: Sponsoring my mom and brother (divorce)!!!!
  Hello, I have a few questions and wonder if anyone could help solving it. All help is appreciated!!!
I have applied to sponsor my mother her spouse and my brother (17 yo at that time) a couple of years ago.
I have received the papers back informing me that i should show my finances to Quebec MICC and prepare the file for Warsaw office withing 6 month.
Now the family situation has been changed and my mother is separated now, i wish to sponsor only her and my brother. Her husband is not in contact with her. I wonder what do i do next.
I have enought income to sponsor to of them on my own.

Thanks in advance!!!

Marina- Quebec
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i think you should call the embassy and explain the Situation to them and they will help you out..my friend sponsered her husband and things didnt work out between them and she called the canadian embassy and explained everthing and they helped her out they Rejected him..what country your in? because is your in canada i have the canadian embassy emargency number ....

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