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Subject: Sponsoring parents
I am about to start sponsoring application for my parents and have couple of questions.
As of now, I have enough income but what happens if, in on of the following years ,it will be lower than needed and what if I have a baby? Am I supposed to inform them if the number of family members change?
Thanks in advance.

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You are required to maintain your income above LICO the entire time of the sponsorship, and they can check any time to make sure of that right up until they issue the visa. If your income drops below that at any time they can deny the application.
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Hi Roy, Sharon or any experts out there,
Does anyone know if I can sponsor my wife´s biological parents - my father-in-law and mother-in-law under the parents sponsorship category? It´s income factor, wife is a homemaker and I am the income earner at home. One more issue to complicate matter, my wife was legally adopted at teen by her aunt who brought her to Canada. She is in her 30s but have always maintained contact with her biological parents. Advice appreciated.

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Normally she would have to be the sponsor and you could co-sponsor, thereby making the required income - she would always have to be the principal sponsor as they are her parents. However, as she was legally adopted, her biological parents are not considered her parents legally and she cannot sponsor them.
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