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Subject: Language FSW Ability
  Effective April 10, 2010, visa officers will only consider the evidence of language proficiency provided at the time of application. Currently, if a written submission does not satisfy the visa officer that the applicant has demonstrated the level of language proficiency claimed, the applicant is offered the opportunity to undergo and submit the results of a designated language test. Under the new directive, visa officers will no longer offer the applicant a “second chance” to prove their language proficiency when the written evidence does not support their claim. This will apply to all FSW and CEC applications received on or after the effective date.

This change is another improvement which supports the Action Plan for Faster Immigration. A survey of missions abroad revealed that a substantial proportion of applicants worldwide are providing written submissions as evidence of language proficiency, and a sizeable majority of these submissions do not support the level claimed. Offering these applicants a “second chance” not only lengthens the processing of their applications, but also adds to the overall processing burden for all FSW applications. Consequently, removing this extra step in the process will improve processing times.



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