Can CIC lose documents?

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Subject: Can CIC lose documents?
  I submitted my application for citizenship more than 5 months ago to CIC but to date have not heard from them. I have a proof of receipt from the courier company.
I tried calling but they cannot help me unless I have received a letter of acknowlegement from them?
CIC website says time frame for receipt of this letter is 5 months from date they receive the application.
Must I resubmit my documents?

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yes. make sure you have the receipts and photocopy of everything you send or mail them.

sometimes they will ask you this or that documents three times.

cic workers are humans us, making mistake still exists.

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5 months?

It will take about 8 months until you get an AOR letter and about another 7 months on top of that if there are no complications with your application.

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They can be inefficient bureocrats as many others who run canadian institutions and make them lame.
Happy Canadian
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