Envy and possible sabotage from envious people

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Subject: Envy and possible sabotage from envious people

Folks have any one of you encountered envy from coworkers and people who say they are your "friends" but secretly envy you because you are eligible to migrate to canada. Can they call the consulate and say incriminating things against you that are not true in an effort to sabotage you. If so what how would the consulate treat any such information. Persons have called me in confidence to tell me that coworkers/friends are envious of my plans to migrate with my hubby and two kids. People I am 34 and I am not doing to bad financially and educationally. However they believe i am moving up in life too fast. I have declared everything correctly on the background declarationh, i have nothing hiding . My spouse was denied entry to the united states in 2004 because he was suspected of working, so they cancelled his visa under section 212 of the US immigration act. now my friends and coworkers know this, the experience left my hubby traumatise to this day, during this time we leaned on friends and family for support. So it is public information at this point. However it is firm belief that unscrupulous person have intentions to tell the consulate this information. However my spouse and I have declared this on the background declaration form and the FBI report from the US confirms this. He did not commit a crime, they told him he could reapply in five years for a visa. Now can u believe that peoples intentions can be so evil. Its a good thing we are honest people. what if we did not declare the truth. Peoples intentions are to stop your progress by any means necessary. I am trying to give my family a better life in canada especially for my children. I want to give them good opportunities that what is here in JA. I even hear stories that they may try to tell lies on you too. the question is how would canadian immigration officials treat these information. can anyone really be vindictive and tell lies on you. I also believe the envy is fueled also by the fact that many of them do not have the skills that canada wants at this time. They have degrees, MBAs in skill areas that canada doesnt need at this time. So why envy me, the list is updated periodically. Forum people I just dont know, I will just remain humble, I got pastor and the church family praying for my family.

aplied May 09
recieved aor june 09
submit full docs sept 09
medical and fbi requests dec 09
fbi request sent dec 09
medicals done jan 10
recieved it march 3, 2010 - a long wait we had to call fbi every day
fbi report submitted march 4, 2010

now patietly waiting to hear some a response.

appreciate a lively discussion and information

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if your documents check out, you should be fine.
Envy and possible sabotage from envious people (in reply to: Envy and possible sabotage from envious people)
Thanks Sharon for your prompt response
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