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Subject: Visa to marry in Canada
  I am not a Canadian citizen yet (applied 8 months ago) but a citizen of Australia living as a permanent resident here. I am engaged to a Ukrainian lady and had planned to get married there and then sponsor her to come here. Her visa application to visit me here in Canada last summer was denied because "her profession is in demand in Canada and therefore she is a risk to stay here", a totally illogical reason. In Ukraine marriages are supposed to take place in the city where the Ukrainian citizen is registered as a resident. Despite all my efforts I cannot satisfy the ZAGS (marriage registry people) in that city. I have all the documents that Australia and Canada can legally provide me but every visit I get a new demand. The worst is that they do not provide anything in writing and have no websites, emails etc. Marriage assistance agencies provide non binding but differing advice and even they often recommend that we marry in Canada as marriages in Ukraine are often viewed as fictitious by Canadian embassy officials when the Ukrainian partner is being sponsored to come over. Since I cannot marry in Ukraine I would like to have my fiance come to Canada as a short stay visitor so we can get married here. Other countries issue marriage visas but I do not think Canada does. In view of the response she received to her application last summer what is the best approach to this. In Australia you can post a bond for "high risk" visa applicants but this does not exist in Canada. Would dual affidavits help? she could promise to return or forfeit all future applications and I could similarly promise to pay for any transportation/airfare etc costs should she break her agreement. I would welcome all advice.

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So go to Poland or any country and get married. As long as the marriage is recognized there CIC will approve.

You are suppose to be an adult, act like one.


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The good news is : I remember a very similar situation that happened to my Canadian friend, who wanted to get married to a man from Ukraine, they had similar problems like yours, so they went to Cyprus to get married and then the lady applied for sponsorhip and got the man -husband to canada, why dont you just meet in another country- like Cyprus , get married there and apply for spponsorship ?

Now I do not want to discourage you but, I have also heard many sad stories- about ladies from Ukraine, therefore, please think carefully, how long have you known each other? Do you have a big age gap? Have you lived together for a long time? How and where did you meet? Online? A marriage company? For instance, I know a guy (much older than the lady) who met a lady from Ukraine in the net, they got married in another country- the man paid for all the expenses, flight etc, ...because of their age gap CIC at first refused their application but later on, they solved the problem through an immigration lawyer, they finally got together, and the lady came to Canada, two months later, the lady just disappeared...well just a sad CIC was right, they smelled the nasty smoke, and did a good job the man blames himself ...Well....

Love between two people should be respected, no matter how it happened, where it happened, but if someone is getting married to another person from another country, this is common sense, they should have lived together, shared a lot, and then one can say wowowow we have a lot in common, and should be living together for ever.....

At the same time, take another senorio, man is 60, the lady is 30, young abd beautiful, man lives in a developed country and the lady is in a third world country and trying to do everything to run away from corruption....they meet online and ... and ......or just the other way, lady is 58, successful and educated, but fat and lonely, nobody looks at her or interested in her, but she is a human being and is longing for somebody in her life, then meets a young guy from a third world country, during a journey, or online, man is much younger, could be handsome even highly educated but always wanted to run away from his country... and they somehow get married....and live in canada... I am sorry my bain says, come on guys come on it is not gonna work out, if you were that much interesting, beautiful, or attractive in the first place someone around you would approach you ..if no one approached you so far around you...No need to look for an international love affair, my brain and the facts, the stories, other people´s experiences, say that it is NOT gonna work out ... better be single, rather than regretting your actions and dollars spent on an impossible dream...

hope my stories do not make any sense and your story is totally different, if yes, well go for it and do the best for your dreams, good luck, ...There is always a solution if you are looking for a solution and determined, .....Good luck buddy...

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Ukraine is totally different from what it was five years ago.

Now I have heard plenty of happy stories from all countries and some sad stories from other coutries.

Ozzie may not be mature enough to get married! He claims (every visit) he gets another demand from the Marriage authorities! EVERY VISIT!

Does that imply three visits?


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I really don´t get the "it has to be in Canada" part. If you just need to get the marriage certificate then go anywhere. Canada already rejected one TRV application.
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Get a marry Visa For Immigrate Canada
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no such thing as a Marry Visa.

you can attempt another visitors visa. This time try to make it more matter of fact and show she has strong ties to home and few reasons to stay in Canada. Worst that can happen is that they say no again.

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Hey Roy! Does your boss know you respond with this level of arrogance and lack of customer service? You are downright rude! "You are supposed to be an adult...act like one?" Buddy, with the lay offs going on I would LOVE to put your name at the top of the list with the crap advice you post on here. Why don´t you be constructive and less hostile? But thanks for posting your (Roy www/ departmental information! I´m sure we will be able to locate you and question your pay scale! Be sure to take note that from now on this forum will be monitored by SUNCOR and the AP. Yeah, we are looking forward to "Roy"´s comments in the future and hope they positively represent the CIC and the Government of Canada. To all of you who are trying to work with the Canadian Government, Roy is a jerk and please ignore him. If you require legal counsel in legal matters, please consult the law firms in Ottawa. Especially if the Government representation is going to be so hostile.

The best advice that can be offered here is before planning a marriage and before actually getting married, seek Canadian Legal Counsel. A great law firm for this is Hamilton and Appotive in Ottawa.

There are other legal firms that can be consulted too so don´t feel limited. But please consult a lawyer before marrying someone outside of Canada. It is a legally binding contract after all!

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