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Subject: sponsoring wife and kids

I am a canadian PR holder, who will be moving to BC by end of this year permanently. Recently I fell in love with a girl, who is a single mom with twin daughters.

Am serious and I wanted to marry her and adopt her kids.

Once I move to Canada, can I sponsor them immediately under family category?

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Yes you can but you have to be IN Canada. She can stay overseas until the process is done.
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not true. U do not have to be in Canada u can sponsor them from abroad if you want but only if you plan to return and live in Canada at the time they will receive their PR. This is what I am doing as a canadian citizen working oversees.
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anonymous, read the post more carefully, and know your rules more clearly.

You as a CITIZEN have the option of an outside sponsorship. A permanent resident does not. A PR must reside in Canada to sponsor.

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Thanks Sharon for clarification. I have one more query:

When I move to Canada permanently this year, should I pay my tax returns for my previous years also. My PR card was issued in April´06.

Will it help in anyway? (or) I will just start working and pay taxes going forward?

Kindly throw some light on this.

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you may have a challenge with your residency requirements!
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