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  Any news from Paris ?
Actual processing times from that office seems to be a mystery.
My AOR is saying it´ll take between 24 and 36 months (skilled worker AND business ),stats on the CIC site are showing between 6 and 34 months processing time and in the Paris application kit you can read it takes up to 14 months.
I´m confused, to say the least.

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Your AOR and CIC websites are in the line with actual timeline. Both says 34/36 months. 6 months is for spouse class and in some cases businessmen.

take care

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Business (Investment) class takes the longest 36 months. Sponsorship and Skilled Worker class - which most of us fall under is reported by CIC to take up to 12 months for 80% of applicants. I can tell you from our personal experience that they are on track to complete our SW in less than 12 months. We applied June 04 and have just sent the medicals.
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Good to hear that Sharon, looks like they have a shorter processing time than what´s on their site ( SW - 24 to 36 )
Btw, I´m in the entrepreneur class, what makes you think there is a difference in time between that category and investors ?

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there isn´t. different word...same classification. that would mean you are on the longer timeline.
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Ok , great, but I mean, where did you get the data from ? First hand ? read it somewhere ?
What´s frustrating me so much is that everywhere I look I get contradicting information about times ( btw, on the Paris site they make NO difference between SW and business, both are 24-36 )
Bottom line : the truth probably lies between 10 months and 36 months.

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sure they do.
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