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Subject: Moe - on fast processing

Thanks for your valuable input in this forum. I would like to see your view on the "current/fast processing" for applications held in Buffalo for longer than 36 weeks. This has been reported by many in this forum. Do you know anything about it? Does it apply to the Skilled workers only or the spousal applications as well?

Thanks for your comments!

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Currently, fast processing is only for spouse class as it was the pilot project. However, it has got greater success and they were planning to implement it for everything. But there are many things to consider before implementation. Currently, CIC is dealing (in some countries) cases from 1999-2000 and if they implement this fast processing, it would be unfair to the applicants in the queue. CIC is also dealing Rasolzadeh Class Act, which will allow many rejected applications to be reopened (you can read more about Rasolzadeh Act in What´s New section of CIC website). Another big problem is, we have third Minister of immigration since fast processing started. Denis Coderre was the one who proposed the change then he lost his job to Judy Sgro and she was forced to resign due to scandals. Now, we have new Minister Joe Volpe who just took over this month and he is not sure if he is there permanently or not. As Judy Sgro wants her job back (lets hope she doesn?t come back as she is one who is proposing 50% less parents? sponsorship case in a year).

Being said my opinion the fast processing is not going to happen soon. But you never know...we all should hope for the best...

I hope I was able to answer your question

take care

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Thanks Moe for sharing those useful insights into the immigration process.

I appreaciate it.

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hey Moe... would fast processing be similar to university entrance system? first XXX applications that qualify are accepted. rest must try again next year?

It would certainly stop all this horrible waiting and uncertainty for people.

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