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Subject: H&C Application #2
  hi guys i was in the same situation as many of you mine took three years but i didnt get a letter with the response i was ask to go to the cbsa for an interview i tought i was gonna be deported but i was accepted,hang in there and keep sending them updates letters from friends that are pr or citizens from family too,anything can help.

and i dont think you need a laywer to go to an interview,unless if it for an appeal or something like that but if its for getting the answer rendered a lawyer is not necessary.

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Congratulations, kika.

I know quite a few families in my community who would need to submit their H & C, mostly with expired visitor permits, never made refugee claim.

I wonder if the three year waiting period would resolve the inadmissability issue and how.

Submit an H & C knowing that it´ll let CIC know where they are and be removed? It´s a hard decision to make for this genre of families. Any comment?

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5-6 months


5 - 6 months if you do a quality submission and you show disproportionate or unusual/undeserved hardship.

How many spouses get kicked for an interview inside and outside of Canada? These people are in a real relationship and have proof that it is so!

Than Kika says applicants do not need a Lawyer, LOL

Yes all applicants have HG&C previous reasons for approval from past cases that a H&C Officer must consider! NOT!

Most home owners can do renovations them selves, DIY! Then Kika will say some can do an (okay) renovation. Okay does not cut it when your trying to sell the same house two years later!

Anything about your previous refugee claim has nothing to do with an H&C application. If the vast majority of Canadian´s would not show you compassion why would any CIC Officer?

So do not hire someone and roll the dice as Kika claims, you could be successful.


p.s. A representative who can (prove) he wins H&C applications.

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Roy!!! read more carefully i never said that it takes three years i said mine took three years so stop attacking me please...and i said you dont need a lawyer to go to an interview..WAIT FOR IT... if it was to have the answer rendered but i know it it necessary for some other interviews,and why are you always twisting my words :( !!!when we went to the interview to get our asnwer rendered my lawyer said if the answer its NO he cant do nothing right there so im talking about my specific situation,and stop assuming everyone is talking about a failed spousal sponsorship.. and CONGRATS on your success good for you!!!
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This thread is a continuation of a thread from May 2009 first started by Tony with a lot of illogical advice.

Kika or Kaka still looks the same to me.

Lat night I got a potential client believing 3-4 years for a decision on H&C and did not know if it was worth submitting an application due all the bad advice floating around out there.

**This guy has a Construction company with 20 employees and just lost at the Federal Court. His establishment was way before his refugee hearing. He has a contract to maintain all of a certain type of schools in the GTA, etc. etc. and someone told him 3-4 years for a decision.

When a decision is rendered and the person was called for a PRRA while the H&C was in process the form letter does NOT stipulate which decision they are calling the person in for.

It is rare but the applicant could win the PRRA and lose the H&C or vice versa or WORSE be told to bring in a plane ticket three days later.

Imagine an emotional person who still believes they should of be found to be a convention refugee, then they believe they have fantastic H&C and PRRA factors and get told YOUR OUT OF HERE!

They blurt out I´m NOT GOING HOME!

CLINK they´re handcuffed and dragged into the cell area.

The fact that they meant to say "I do not (want) to go home, because...." is too late. Taking a representative will surely help.

Having an authorized representative with you to put a POSITIVE spin on your comment is a great assistance at any interview. Only a fool represents themselves! Most Lawyers charge to much to attend any removal unit in this country. Consultant fees are more reasonable.

Many clients go underground instead of going to get negative or positive news. Then if the information is negative there is Judicial Reviews, stays of removal, deferral requests, etc. etc.. The client can be given several months to purchase a ticket due to an unemotional response by their counsel so always take a representative with you that knows your personal situation.

It was not only your response I was referring to so do not take it sooooo personal my response was not intended that way. What about what Patel and Tony posted. http://www.canada-city.ca/canada-immigration/posting.php?messageid=27203

It was every ones comments that got me early this morning.

So someone overstayed their visitor status why would that make you inadmissable - KAKA?

Lawyer claims if you submit a FSW Application you don´t need to leave Canada to get landed???? - Tony

Send updates when the H&C file is not even assigned to an Officer. - Emeda

I mixed you up with Kaka, Tonly Patel, Eminda etc. and in Russian one name made me blow a fuse because the response was BULL!


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i understand Roy!! i was in the same situation i was called to the CBSA and the first thing i thought was we are being deported..and our lawyer told us is hed come with us he was going to charge us 300$ and then he said the exact same thing as you sometimes people getso scare and they panic and they get handcufed you are right in that, but we had so many bad experiences with consultants my dad just gave up.. we spend honestly saying around 25 thousand in lawyers and consultants my family had make their minds to go back home!!thanks god that didnt happen .. i saw your success and i wish we would hear of you long before but oh well..my big brother needs to do his H&C application im going to tell him about you maybe you can help him!!!
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In the GTA the Removals Unit or Mississauga GTEC Officers @ 6900 Airport Road entrance 2B are 95% on a three month contract. Normally most are never kept on so every so often there is a whole new bunch of people.

Their job is to give you the PRRA forms, read you the PRRA results and get you booked on a flight out of here.

Many even buy CBSA T-Shirts and Sweaters so they can look like enforcers or believe they are part of a group. Some are VERY agressive.

I complained about the form letter that calls people to give them a decision who have had a H&C application in for a considerable amount of time before being called to the PRRA. One client never even heard the word positive or you won and was grasping her chest as if she was in cardiac arrest!

One CBSA Officer dragged the interview on for Twenty minutes even though we knew (in advance) that we had a positive H&C.


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Roy my dad was so scare to go because somebody told him that the letter they sent was the exact same one they send people being deported they asked for passports photos and all the ids made by the canadian goverment it crossed our minds about not going, they way that they send those letters are so wrong, they shouldnt scare people like that!!
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Have reading yr responds I desided to ask about my situation.
We´ve been called to CBSA to get our decision and were scared. The officer gave us a positive H&C . Now we have to pay PR fee and wait for the letter if required any additional info.
Just wondering, should we send a letter from a new employer if changed from time we applyed,and any other changes like studing, membership... or just wait for their letter???
In the letter we received says just about address changes or merital ,personal changes....
Even address where to sent is unknown.
Any comments???? Please

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Or, btw, We told the officer in CAnada Border, about new employer,new position and spouse studying, he also asked about criminal. Does it matter, if he wrote it in our file or it´s diferent from CIC file??
What to expect in this stage??

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Hello here people! I just got a letter from the CBSA too that I have to come for an interview on the 13th of June, 2013. Now I have this question. Does the opening of the letter said "our records indicate that you are the subject of a removal order that is in force"? Please I need one of you to check your file or recollect by memory if this is in your letter so that I can have my mind at peace because I am so scared right now of been deported or start to go to 6900 to sign every month. Thank you.