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  Dear All,
I want to ask one sponsorship to permit me to leave in Canada. I am 32 years old and i have any possibility to leave in my country - i have many graduates and many organisms said me that i have many chance to immigrate in Canada. I can work once arrived in Canada but i need only someone who can give garantee to CIC.
Thanks for your help

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Where are you from? I don´t think it is easy for anyone to provide sponsorship that easy. CIC might want to know what the relationship is and such...
american refuse
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In order to guide you we need more details.

Where are your from?
What is your education?
What kind of experiece you have?

Sponsorship case for a stranger is not easy. There are many conditions attached to it.

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Thanks for your reply.
I am from Madagascar. I have account degree capacity and management. I worked as Manager for my own firm since many years (5) - i also have many experience with some important firms from my country.

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