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Subject: Work sponsor or Fiance sponsor - Quebec ?
  I am a Canadian citizen in Montreal and my fiance lives in California. She has very strong work options here in Montreal as she works in a specialty occupation. She will probably get an offer in 2-3 months.

Our plan is to have her move here to Montreal. We are in no rush to get married but still want to be together and are in a genuine relationship - we have no hidden agenda.

My question: As her employment options are strong is it better to let her get a job here and once she is here then apply for PR as a fiance/spouse. My investigation tends to indicate this is the best route. Let the job get her here working legally then apply for PR instead of following the fiance visa process which often requires speration while the paperwork is processed.

Any guidance?

Thank you

Mr Smith
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if she can get a work permit... I would go that route and have her apply for PR on her own merits. That takes the pressure off your relationship. If you can afford the luxury of this process I would encourage you. Something about proving a relationship and questions about intentions and legal responsiblities all seem rather distasteful. If you have to - you have to but it sounds like you have some other good options. good luck
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I am planning to move in Canada but it´s difficult for me to find an employer. I am working in a boat as oiler and my wife is a public school teacher can you help me find someone as my sponsor or just give us at least an idea on how to get to Canada legally.
Aguinaldo P. Villanueva
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