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Subject: Refugee Issue and our Government's friends!
  To All

This should make a few think.

By Guidy Mamann

Like most Canadians, I would like to see a "faster and fairer" refugee system in Canada.

However, I´m not sure that what is being proposed by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is either realistic or necessary to get the job done.

According to government sources, it currently takes about 19 months to decide the average refugee claim, and a total of 4.5 years to remove a failed refugee claimant from Canada. Ottawa estimates that each unsuccessful claim costs taxpayers about $50.000.

The government thinks that the process is too long and too expensive and believes that its reforms can produce a refugee decision in 60 days and drop the cost to $29,000.

While laudable, the proposed timeframe is not realistic. By comparison, you can´t sue someone in small claims court nor even fight a parking ticket in such little time. CIC takes 10 months just to issue or replace a citizenship card, and three months just to renew a permanent resident card. How can we seriously expect the Immigration and Refugee Board to schedule and decide a contested refugee claim in 60 days, even assuming that counsel, interpreters, and evidence are all ready to go?

The current process requires a refugee claimant to describe their fear of persecution in a personal information form within 28 days of being served with the form. Once this form is received by the IRB, there is nothing preventing it from scheduling a hearing within weeks or months.

The reason it currently takes 19 months to decide these cases is not because there are any legal impediments to doing so. It is because the IRB doesn´t have the resources to hear those cases any faster. That is why we have a backlog of 60,000 claims. Although a lot of legislation is being put forward, I have yet to see a single explanation as to why a hearing within 60 days is not legally possible right now.

As for the 4.5 years it takes to remove a failed refugee claimant, again it is not because of any legislative impediments. A failed refugee claimant can currently delay his removal by seeking a judicial review in the Federal Court. However, the court is in a position to reject the application in 85 days. The claimant can further delay their removal by making a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment Application (PRRA).

However, CIC is currently in a position to refuse such application within 30 days. Accordingly, while refugee claimants can currently hinder removal for a total of 115 days after the denial of their claim, further delays are usually the result of inadequate resources or administrative delays not by any legal obstacles.

The Tories are expecting to spend $540.7 million over the next five years on its refugee reforms. It will hire 100 new officers for the CBSA so it can remove people faster. It will amend the Federal Courts Act to enable it to appoint 24 more federal court judges. It will provide new funding for the resettlement of refugees. It will provide free tickets to those who are to be deported and up to $2,000 to reintegrate them back home. It will hire a whole slew of public servants to hear refugee claims and will transfer the existing refugee judges who were politically appointed to that post to a newly established Refugee Appeal Division.

The government plans do all that and somehow save us $21,000 per claim.


****Just like the changes to regulation 4 that affect all Spousal Sponsorships the government makes changes to fix a perceived problem and make things worse!****


need help from Roy (in reply to: Refugee Issue and our Government's friends!)
Hello Roy,
My refugee claim was rejected back in 2006, I applied for H&C and since then I was calling every months once. Today, I got a letter from Greater Toronto Enforcement center stated that decision has been rendered with respect to my application. Yet they asked me to interview me. They did not state what the decision result is? Negative or Positive? Is that common? Also, I am terrified since I read it five minutes ago.
I am in Canada since July 2005. I studied some collage. I have great job pay me over 60K a year. I own a condo and over a year ago I married to my husband who is a Canadian citizen and waiting on my sponsorship case also. I have no criminal record. What they want from me in this case? What they will ask me in the interview? Shall I take a lawyer with me? Shall my husband come with me? Please Roy any help any idea.
Will they allow me to stay in Canada till my sponsorship case reviewed?
God Bless

Sanjei (in reply to: Refugee Issue and our Government's friends!)
Do not worry Sanjie, Take it from me, I was exactly in the same situation. Have a great job paying me over 75k house and car, I just got a positive Decision. Do not worry my sister, you are very well established, give me a call i cn tell you everything, leave your email here so i can contact you and we talk about it today. Its a positive decision for you i am pretty confident. please leave your email or number so i can contact you
(in reply to: Refugee Issue and our Government's friends!)
At the GTEC

You will be asked to fill our a questionaire form.

You will be called in to one of those interview rooms.

A CBSA officer will ask you and verify some questions you answered on the sheet. "How is your health? Do you have this or that?"

And he or she will give the decision review on paper and have you sign it.

The result will be positive or negative.

Good Luck!

Greater TO Enforcement Centre
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