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Subject: Urgent question for Roy or Sharon
  Hello Roy,
My refugee claim was rejected back in 2006, I applied for H&C and since then I was calling every months once. Today, I got a letter from Greater Toronto Enforcement center stated that decision has been rendered with respect to my application. Yet they asked me to interview me. They did not state what the decision result is? Negative or Positive? Is that common? Also, I am terrified since I read it five minutes ago.
I am in Canada since July 2005. I studied some collage. I have great job pay me over 60K a year. I own a condo and over a year ago I married to my husband who is a Canadian citizen and waiting on my sponsorship case also. I have no criminal record. What they want from me in this case? What they will ask me in the interview? Shall I take a lawyer with me? Shall my husband come with me? Please Roy any help any idea.
Will they allow me to stay in Canada till my sponsorship case reviewed?
God Bless

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Maybe you should take the Do It Yourself Seminar hosted by Amir Shuval CCIC

LOL, LOL (no do this). Still LOL

Any H&C Application will not prevent your removal.

If you submitted your spousal application to Vegreville CPC and have proof take that with you. That will defer your removal.

Hopefully you did not forward your Spousal Application to the Local Office. Did you submit processing fees for the Spousal?

The letter never tells you that you are denied or approved. I wrote about this before here.

Okay instead of taking a DIY seminar call me 416-292-7295 at ten in the morning and I might be able to find out what the answer is before you go. PRO BONO still laughing about DIY seminar.

If you messed up and you are being called to a PRRA drop the In-Land application and do an overseas Spousal with an ARC authorization to return.

I never have lost one but maybe you should still take that DIY Seminar, LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL


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don´t you find it odd that they would offer a FSW workshop inside Canada when 99.9% of those same potential applicants live outside the country?

Wonder if they are offering a PODcast.

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thanks for replying my question!

May I ask what FSW and POD stand for?

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it makes me smile everytime i read PRO BONO from Roy´s big heart.
sure he got up on the right side of his bed...:)

(when am i going to get Pro Bono from CIC?) :(

by the way, i have been encountering garbage here by some people who do not know how to express their gratitude properly to this forum and helpers, rather are more ready to shut this forum.

my advice: befriend the administrator guys and i wish u good luck.

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your welcome. The only question you can demand an answer for is the ones you pay for. (and even then it is a crap shoot if the answer is right). I don´t have an answer for you because I don´t know the answer.

as for FWS - federal skilled worker

POD - online ditigal video feed.

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Ten years experience, graduated Seneca in 2004, became a CSIC Member in 2008, and states on his web site only retained a certified immigration consultant then hosts a seminar n downtown Toronto recommending DIY applications.



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