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Subject: speak test?
  help.. T.T....i would like to ask if its disadvantage for me if i am a nurse then i´m apllying for live in care giver.. but i alreADy have my Direct employer and had my paPers passed to the embassy...my papers are for Nurse but my application is for live in caregiver... ijust recieved a letter from the embassy that i am required to have a speak test...
ADDITIONAL FORM FOR LIVE IN CAREGIVER (in reply to: speak test?)
i received this form ... . but i have attached my nursing papers ... and not care giver papers..... tahts the only papers i have and not caregiver.... T.T but i have my NATIONAL CAREGIVING II issued by the TESDA...
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hello kindly call the call center of the embassy regarding that..so they can explain it to you.do you have already the application kit for live-in caregiver?read it well..even me i am always asking and getting advices..good luck..god bless
jennifer quiban
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hello ask ko lng po sana kung anu ano mga requirements na ipapasa sa canada embassy...tnx...help me plssss....
ailine l. otig
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hi! I´m going to take the speak test on Jan 23, 2012. I´m very nervous bacause i don´t have formal review for the test, self review lang po.... anyone cared to share some tips?.. please.... help me! thank you so much!
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Here´s a helpful tip, assuming you already know english. Watch an english tv show and "mock" their accents. Meaning use their accents even while speaking tagalog. Most of the time it´s not the ability but the accent. You can master these sounds in a couple of weeks and sometimes it´s enough to add a point or 2 in the speaking part of the IELTS. Let us know if this helps you. Thanks.
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hi! I just had mine last Dec 19. For me What can i advise is dont get nervous, take a lot of rest before the exam. Don´t worry it is 7 questions only. Be confident too. Im waiting for the reply of the embassy on what my next step is. :-)
spaek test (in reply to: speak test?)
hello..I took up my speak test last April 11.. I am not yet receiving the medical reference letter up until now.. what does that mean.. thank you..
aaliyah mariano
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My sister took her speaktest last april 13 2012..Uti ow,August 1,2012,she still did not receive any response for the result of her examination.What does it mean?we cannot call the immigration office because they said that we have to wait for the letter!we called the call center for the examination ad they said that they dont have any file and they said that her score is 2.71 ad 2.17?Im woderig if she pass or no.If ever she did not passed the exam,what can we do so that she can still come here to work?Is there any remedy for her situation?please help us!thanks!
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hello nagpasa ako ng lmo ko sa embassy last june 13,2012 hangang ngayon wala pa ako info.bakit kaya?kc ung mga nababasa ko d2 karamihan 1mos may nari recieve na sila after nang nagpasa sila ng application sa embassy..tnx..pls...help me...thanks
ailine otig
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Hi everyone!.. does anyone here knows the location of testing center for speak test?