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Subject: candian immigration FBI clearance
  My husband applied on 2005, he is an PhD from America . He did not get almost any point for English proficiency as he did not submit any IELTS score, without this he got 60 points. We submitted our FBI clearance that time . If we want to apply again is it possible to get copy of the previous FBI clearance certificate? . We do not want to go through the the whole procedure of sending finger printing and other things rather we want to request for the duplicate of it with completing application and sending fees for this. If needed we can send notarized photocopy of our passport as a proof our not travelling anywhere after that time.
Nasrin khan
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Police clearences are only valid for 3 months.And they will not send it back to you if you were not sucessfull the first try and refused and there is no appeal process the app would have been shreaded and they will have no record.
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is there anyway to check the status of an fbi clearance application like maybe a phone number or an email? i sent my application april 18, 2010 an dhave not receieve any reply yet...anyone can hep me?

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