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Subject: Bureaucrats monitor online forums
  Have you guys read this????


I would like to know how these bureacrats are going to defend CIC processing times.

Thirty Five months to confirm your a Canadian Citizen earning the Low Income CutOff (LICO) sponsoring your parents.

Worse if your parents need to be processed at Accra, Ghana - Visa Post and you a Canadian have already waited an additional 55 months when you check on line and it says (in process).

In two weeks there will be major changes happening with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and they can blog about that.



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I would submit that anyone (government or corporation) that is not monitoring social media is living in the dark ages and only getting half the story. If CIC wants to know what the problems are... simply read away instead of calling for a committee or inquiry or whatever else they like to do. We can tell them exactly what is wrong - for free!

A forum is no different than talk show radio or letters to the editor. Bureaucrats have been monitoring that for years.

People forget, this forum is a public place. If you don´t want your information available for all the world to read - don´t post it.

Bigger question... are they actually LISTENING.

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They are listening but with real thick ear muffs on.


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I think it´s a terrific idea if the government is really monitoring these sites. The inputs, good or back, are far more constructive than listening to interest groups who are representing no one but themselves and their pay checks. Having said that, I will be surprised is government is really going to do something about anything.
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There are non so deaf as those who do not wish to hear!
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it´s not like we are advocating for world peace or anything - just some pragmatic adjustments to a process that is far from perfect and everyone knows it. Even with changes, it still won´t be perfect.
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Changes are a coming, big changes as far as I´m personally concerned, changes that have taken far too long to occur. I just can´t wait for (my) changes.

I know, nobody claimed democracy was a quick process.

When CIC makes changes like the NOC 38 for example the changes were long overdue and based on employment information that was out of date by the time they were implemented.

At least they stopped taking applicants money with wait times in excess of five years.

Not enough but something positive.


Not only CIC (in reply to: Bureaucrats monitor online forums)
It´s not just CIC monitoring you. CSIS culls extensive information from the Internet.

Read up on it, and be afraid: http://www.squidoo.com/csis/

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