ROY Pllzzz read my whole story & advise.....

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Subject: ROY Pllzzz read my whole story & advise.....
I have applied in january 2010 for PR under FSW1 with NOC 4131.At that time I claimed points for my uncle who is PR of canada but now at the time of document submission I have come to know that he should be living in canada but he is here in INdia for last 8-9 months and will go back in oct.nov. but my last date of document submission is 14th july. Also I dont have any of his proof of residence document.So,I believe its almost impossible to get his points.
Apart his 5 points I am short of 2 points i.e.I score 65 points without him.
But still i feel i have a chance to get the 2 extra points for experience.
Can I correct a mistake in my B/ground decalaration form? I have 2 experiences which i have not mentioned in B/G declaration form.

Lemme explain my case regarding B/G decl.form in detail so that there should be no communication gap...
In point 11. personal history: after 18yrs of age
name and address of company
feb.2009 to till date Lecturer
aug.2008 to feb.2009 Lecturer
june2008- aug 2008 Unemployed
XXXX to XXXX studying ........

Then in economic class
Point 11.Work exp.
I have written only above two experiences.

Basically when i applied to CIO I was not sure of getting my experience for the job as a dentist, I did in a clinic for 2 months from 2nd july2008 to 26th aug2008., So, i wrote unemployed for that period to avoid any mess in further verification.
But now I talked to my past employer and I got that experience too.
So,I want to know that whether I can add that with an explanation letter or not? And the other exp.I have is as an INSURANCE AGENT since 23rd july2008 till date.As I am a self employed insurance agent I dint find any such thing that how to mention self employed CIO guide but found later while collecting documents in CHC guide.

Basically,At the time of initial applicaton i was simply unaware of the fact that we have to mention any jobs in O,A & B category other than those 38 occupations and all can be added for the experience points.

If U agree that i can add that past experience now..Then plz tell me what explanation i can write to CIC for this correction. because i feel that VO may think that i have made this 2months exp.fake to fetch the points.
As explained above i have abt 1yr.and 10months exp. as my and if i add these two months it would b 2nd july and i would fetch 2 extra points for exp. Now without uncle and these 2 points i am scoring 65.

Other option is I withdraw this application and reapply as now I am in new List as a dentist. but then can I add these experiences now in new forms? I know that they people will track my previous application but then if they ask about this exp.Can I give written explanation that earlier I misunderstood the instructions and didnt mention occupations other than the ones in 38 NOCs.?!
At this moment of time, while describing my whole case to you, another option has popped into my mind and that is to simply mention that i misunderstood those instructions in b/g declaration and economic class forms as the reason while submitting the request for withdrawal so that when i´l reapply again, if they track, they´l see that i have mentioned something about it in withdrawal for my earlier case.

Plz reply as soon as possible.

A man
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