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Subject: Travel Visa for Canada
Do we need travel visa for Canada. I am travelling from Alaska and then Over Canada through USA down to Mexico. So I wonder if I need travel visa for Canada

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That depends what nationality you are. If you have German passport you will not need any visas. However, if you are from the Eastern block countries (Ukraine, Hungary, Yugoslavia...) then you do need visa.

I am Canadian (in reply to: Travel Visa for Canada)
I also travel from Alaska to Mexico. When is your trip?
But I don´t need canadian visa cos I am Canadian.

In May (in reply to: Travel Visa for Canada)
I will be travelling in May. Travelling earlier would be really hard. Even May might be too early for Alaska. But again some freezing experience is always welcome

travel visa (in reply to: Travel Visa for Canada)
do I need a visa to travel to bangkok from canada
laura mills
travel to canada (in reply to: Travel Visa for Canada) nationality is pakistani..but i am spain resident ....should i get visa to come to canada ==and how i can get it..i means wat will be the requirements to get travel visa of canada ..thanks
imran khan
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My sister she´s live in hungary the past 5 years she ´s come every 6 months, and last year they said . They dont give a visa to my sister because they I not sure my sister she will going to beck hungary . Hello she was hire 6 or 7 times . I ´m living hire Her sister. If she want to stay she stay first time when she came .Thats not reason ,I dont understend whay she can come to wisit her sistor . Whi just but a new house and shes newer able to see it. This is not fair . I spend so much money and so much time . Nobody can help . THATS NOT FAIR. How do you fell if you not able to she your family and who is so close to you . If they has a Right answer my sister why she can came I´m not complaning , but that not answer what They said . Think about . Whitout cristmas Who is so close to you . Just because somebody had a bad day almost 2 years ago. But I´m still strong And I BELIVE my sister she get a visa.

Thank you

i need working visa for canada (in reply to: Travel Visa for Canada)
sir i need visa for working in canada. this time i work in korea . please help me canada visa thanks

aamar jamil

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