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Subject: AOR
Has anybody who filed in Dec 04 or Jan 05 received an AOR Yet ?
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Yes of course. It depends on your visa post. I filed in Berlin and have received mine. You can check this link for other visa posts to track the timelines of other applicants

Good luck

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The visa post is Buffalo. Can anybody who submitted their
application in dec 05, jan 05 received AOR yet please let me know. Thanks much

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Now days it is taking 3-4 moths.have patience
AOR Buffalo.. (in reply to: AOR)´re still long long ways off from getting you AOR. I applied to the CIC Buffalo office on Oct 26, 2004 and they received it on Oct 29th, 2004. Its more than 3 months now and I havent received my AOR. So just forget about your AOR for about 3 months and you will see it in the mail eventually. THe waiting sux, but thats reality. Good luck to you.

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