Will I hit that Brick-wall?!

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Subject: Will I hit that Brick-wall?!
  Hey guys!
Simple question...I have a British qualifications ( Education and Experience) as a Civil/Structural engineer, have already applied and approved and now waiting for the Medical check!

- I heard about difficulties in finding jobs in Canada of someone doesn´t have a Canadian degree or experience!!

- The British education has the equivalence of the Canadian one! so will I hit that Brick wall!

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Simple...look at Einstein. He moved to the US where he became a famous scientist. Had he chosen Canada he would have been known in his community as a "funny" taxi driver...

Most if not ALL my British friends tell me they would have never come had they known Cdns to be so thick-headed.

Good luck anyway

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Hi Ali,

It does not matter from where did you get your qualifications. Canada DOES NOT recognise the international qualifications in full. You would have to go back to school/college. That´s far sure. Time period to upgrade your qualifications may vary depending upon the report of "credential evaluation service agency".

Good Luck,

Sandeep Prashar,
Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant,

sandeep prashar
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