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Subject: Visitor Extension Visa paperwork...
  Just need a little advice on filling out my Extension paperwork. I´m (U.S. citizen) planning to marry my boyfriend (Canadian citizen) and then apply for permanent residence, but I need an extension. We live in BC.
Part C on the application asks for my original entry into Canada and my most recent entry into Canada.
I´m assuming that means the first time I ever entered Canada. Now here´s my story... The first time I ever entered Canada was in 2006 when I crossed the border by vehicle with two friends in Ontario for the weekend, no passport required. This trip occurred before I met my boyfriend. Inever came to Canada again until April of 2008. This time I flew to BC to be with my boyfriend and a passport was required, I stayed for 5 months. Over the next two years I entered Canada again in BC several times.
On my application when it asks for ORIGINAL entry into Canada should I put that weekend trip to Ontario? Or the first time I entered BC?

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The first time entry

The first time you stepped on the Canadian soil

The last time entry

The most recent date you entered the country

It is important because after you land as Permanent Resident, it will count towards not only extending your PR card, residence requirement for applying citizenship, but applying for a pension. The first time entry question even pops up in a regular interview such as employment or academic one.

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My daughter (Indian) entered Windsor by road through Detroit in 2015, then in 2016-June entered by flight on Visitor visa for study under six months, again she obtained a study permit and entered Windsor in 2016-August. So what is her original entry (is it in 2015 or 2016-June or 2016-August ??). Appreciate if you could answer my query for study permit extension. thanks
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