PR dependent over 22... Plz Help Plz.

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Subject: PR dependent over 22... Plz Help Plz.
Need some guidance...
My mother is principal applicant and our e-cas date is oct 2004.

I was 18 when we applied and now i am turning 24 this year.. But No gap in studies and all courses Full time

as 2004-2007- B.Com
2007-2008- Msc Finance (UK)
2009 Jan- July 09- Cert in Business Information Systems (UK)
2009 July-July 2010- MA Economics yr 1 (Gave 2 exams but could not give the remaning due to medical conditions.

Now I am not getting admission in the same course due to college rules but I am able to get into MA English year1 in some other college.. Due to think that this could damage my chance of immigrating to canada with my parents in the near future.

Simran Simi
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Hi Simran,

No problem with you and your mother´s application, because your lock in date was the date your mother´s application was received at CIC office. Now, just the burden of proof is upon you that you still depend upon your mother financially and if you are studing continuously and your mother is bearing all your expenses, it´s fine.


Sandeep Prashar,
Certified canadian Immigration Consultant,

sandeep prashar
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hi thanx a lot sir,too kind

well jus to let you know we updated in jan 09 and then i was studying in london. but can u plz advise me how to prove that i am financially dependent upon parents.. as in india they give us cash(pocket money),no cheques or any stuff so plz advise.

kind regards


Simran Simi
PR dependent over 22... Plz Help Plz (in reply to: PR dependent over 22... Plz Help Plz.)
If your mother applied under Skilled Worker category, there will be no problem even if you are independent NOW. I have already landed in Canada along with my 26 year old son, who was working in UAE as a Project Manager at the time of grant of visa, since he was dependent on me when my application was received at CHC New Delhi 7 years ago.
financial aspect (in reply to: PR dependent over 22... Plz Help Plz.)
Hi can you please explain how to prove financial dependency on my mother as we get money in cash..plz get back..
Simran Simi
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