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Subject: Medical result sent to London
  Hi there,

I have taken my medical exam here in Saudi Arabia and they sent the report to London few days ago while they should send it to my visa processing office which is in MANILA, PHILIPPINES. I clearly mentioned it in APPENDIX C (Medical Form) which i brought during the medical examination.

The hospital told me that usually, all medical (sponsorship) will be sent to London. I am thinking of this scenario:

Maybe LONDON will receive my medical report, review it and then forward to MANILA, Philippines (my visa processing office).

I HOPE SO!!! If not, what i should i do????

I asked the nurse, and she thinks the same but she´s not sure about it.

Please can someone help me clarify this. Thanks

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Everyone else should be scared instead of you because your the Ghost.

Medical Results are sent to the same processing department and the results are forwarded to the applicants Visa Post.



Medical result sent to London (in reply to: Medical result sent to London)
yup, im the ghost haha!

thanks Roy :)

actually, this subject is already been cleared few minutes after posting this question by searching other forums. same answer :)

whew! i thought im in trouble LOL! thanks again, now i can really relax :)

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I feel relieved that I did not come across as being arrogant I would hate to ruin Carmen´s morning so soon.

When you display your knowledge and others disagree with out the same amount of knowledge, is one being arrogant or factual?


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