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Subject: PR Renewal
  Hi, need some advice on the renewal of my family´s PR cards.

My father has an internet company registered as a Canadian company as well he is self employed doing consultancy throughout the Caribbean. He spent 2 years of the 5 years finishing his PhD, lived one year in Canada and the last two he spent in the Caribbean setting up the company and doing consultancy.

We didn´t meet the required number of days and we are currently in the renewal process.

I am 23 years old, I spent the past 5 years studying in the Caribbean, finished my BSC and started by Masters in Canada. We have been called in for an interview because we did not meet the required number of days, came anyone offer us advice who was probably in a similar situation?

Goberdhan Seepersad
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Additional Info:

We declared the company as being registered as a Canadian company and we continued living in the Caribbean under the assumption the days would still count. I am worried because I am currently doing my masters in Canada would I run the risk of being asked to leave?

Goberdhan Seepersad
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I don´t believe these days officially count. I believe the rules state that you must be hired in Canada and then transferred to an international location by that same company. In addition, if you are the owner of the company (as in your father´s case), these days aren´t counted. (Otherwise many would use this same loop-hole as a means of maintianing residency while working outside of the country for extended periods.)

I think the best you can do is attend the interview and hope they are lenient and willing to bend the rules. Good luck.

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I am in the wrong business.
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