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Subject: Police Clearance Certiifcate

I am Devangi Shah from India.

I am planning to apply for canada immigration. My close friend is residing in Manitoba. She will apply for me(put file)from manitoba. Please tell me Police Clearance Certificate is required before apply or after apply, Becasue in here India Police Department want the letter from country(Canada).

So Would you please tell me when Police Clearance Certificate is reauired before or After?

Please do the needful and obligue.


Devangi Shah

Devanig Shah
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If you need a letter from CIC, wait until you are requested to do so.

For someone who does not need a letter from CIC for police clearance letter, they usually send it with the application and often or not, they get asked once again for another police certificate.

So my advice is that it seems best in your case wait until CIC asks.


police------------- (in reply to: Police Clearance Certiifcate)
Hi Devangi,

You need to send your PCC with the appliacation. I India, you need not to go to police department for PCC. Apply for PCC at your Regional passport office and they don´t need any letter from canadian authorities.


Sandeep Prashar,
Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant,

sandeep prashar
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police clearance certificate and character certificate are same. ask by this name you will get it
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